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Dubai.. The Rental


When we got to Dubai we were out very quickly since we had a schedule to follow. I got out the fastest due to having the E-Gate Card. I flew through and went straight for the car rentals, to our luck they were out of the pink Honda Jazz Vans. After asking all 12 car rental places we decided to go with the 2008 Chevy Tahoe for 49 KD a day.


We were renting it from Budget, and the guy was a complete dick to us. He thought we were kids or something just because we were laughing. Most of us a well above the limit, then he asked to keep my passport and I told him I’m not carrying one, then he told me he wants to keep my civil ID. Then I realized its illegal to do that and I was pissed, why is he being a dick towards us. At this point me and K were pissed at him so we gave him our humbled opinion. I thought to file a complaint about this idiot, but we had other things to do.


We got in the car and took off, two of the guys know Dubai relatively well and we took the exit I took last week. It seems within a week they changed the road so we got screwed and had to find another way around which delayed our first movie an hour for the next showing. We managed to keep things on schedule throughout the day, and the Tahoe is a fun SUV to drive but Budget seemed to have tampered with the car, it was very oddly slow. We were laughing throughout the day and going from point to point, good music and cool wind. It was a big car in the parking lots, always had to empty the car before parking. I had some fun over the bumps which the people in the back seats of the Tahoe weren’t too happy about. It was a fun car to drive but in Dubai you can’t speed because there is a camer every 20 meters.