Qatar Trip


This was one of the quickest business trips I have had in a while. We left on Qatar Airways which I was looking forward since I heard a lot of good things about it. Right away you notice that the plane is nice from the inside and the seat is comfortable. They had liban at take-off which helped with a quick morning nap, and the staff were very nice. We arrived on time, and the bus that takes you off the plane is a special bus for First Class passengers of Qatar Airways, which is different then anything I have seen before.


  • 9:50 am Plane Took Off
  • 11:00 am at Qatar Airport
  • 11:30 am Meeting
  • 3:30 pm Finished Meeting
  • 4:00 pm Airport
  • 6:30 pm Plane Took Off
  • 7:40 pm Plane Landed

I didn’t see much of Qatar except for one hotel which was nice, but the rest of Qatar seemed like one huge construction yard. Construction every where, not necessarily towers but infrastructure and more. Their airport is pretty small, smaller then I expected but Qatar Airways has a terminal for First and Business Class all on its own which is very nice, didn’t get to see it though since I was coming back on Kuwait Airways. The one thing that surprised me was that Kuwait Airways left 10 minutes early, and landed 10 minutes early, I have never seen that in my life.

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  1. 7mdela 3l salama



    wOw… thats definitely a first

  2. Q80 In Denver

    7emdellah 3ala el Salama :)

  3. Welkum Back, you need to take a week off… seriously!

  4. Purgatory

    The sep. lounge/building is very nice to relax in between long haul connections.

  5. I flew Qatar airways once from the states … it was operated by continental from the US, it was a good flight .. better than q8 airways for shizzle

    Welcome back!

  6. Those are nice pictures :-) what is this place called?

  7. Wow what a tight schedule. Too bad you didn’t get to see much of Qatar.But I think witnessing Kuwait Airway’s early take off is simply worth it.

  8. The traffic in Doha is so bad that an 11:00 arrival with an 11:30 meeting is almost impossible unless you are meeting close to the airport. Amazing that it all worked.

    The 1st class lounge in Doha even has sleeping rooms. :-)

  9. eshda3wa: Alah Esalmich! Seriously!

    Q80InDenver: Alah Esalmik!

    Ananyah: I know I do! Sleep in a bit!

    TripleM: Thanks!

    Big Pearls: Thanks!

    Purg: I agree, it seems nice!

    Laialy: Thats true! Thanks!

    Ansam: Sharq Hotel, Run by Ritz!

    Angelo: Exactly!

    Intlxpatr: I know there are sleeping rooms which are crazy! The office was close to the airport so it wasn’t too bad!

  10. Loca in Kuwait

    The hotel looks very beautiful, I like the walking path thru the water, nice mix. WOW it seems the airport and the lounge were nice tourist attractions :0)

  11. Loca: It is for sure! The hotel was very nice and spacious!

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