Review: In The Name Of The King


I don’t know what to say abut this movie without it being bad, it isn’t just bad but it wasn’t horrible. You keep hoping that it will get better but that isn’t the case, it seems the special effects people really put an effort into the movie, really they did. The script is one of a kind, I don’t think they could have made this bad if they intentionally tried. I slept a bit through this movie which hasn’t happened to me in an action movie before. Take a look at the cast list and you tell me what you think, it seems that nobody was into this movie or somebody didn’t screen it.

Cast list:

  • Jason Statham – Great actor, he tried but just didn’t get it right
  • John Rhys Davies -Too deep for this movie
  • Ray Liotta – He was playing a character from Brooklyn
  • Matthew Lillard – Scooby Doo anyone
  • Leelee Sobieski – Not Bad
  • Burt Reynolds – He was playing a drunk football coach with a crown
  • William Sanderson – meh
  • Ron Perlman – Sounded like a guy from Jersey rather then a guy from a mythical time
  • Claire Forlani – Best woman in the movie and hot too, thats about it
  • Brian J. White – The Wire or The Shield ?
  • Kristanna Loken – Doesn’t count she was in the movie for 5 minutes max

Nothing else can be said.

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  1. mustafa

    I feel bad for jason statham i like him and really hoped this movie would be nice :P

  2. Ewwww that’s an Uwe Boll movie. Why the hell did you waste your time and money to watch this garbage. That guy practically ruined Alone in the Dark for me. He should be killed.

  3. Hellraiser

    Its a total waste of time, i bought the DVD thinking that I would be entertained, I stopped the video after 15 minutes and dumped it in the bin, what a travesty of film making. The same goes for Blonde and Blonder and Meet the Spartans.

  4. Laialy : I agree!

    Mustafa: I like Jason Statham as well but this was just bad!

    Angelo: Now I know! If I knew I would have avoided it!

    Hellraiser: The Trash is the only place for it to go!

  5. Kim

    Luckly, I have not seen this one yet, nor will I. I really like Jason Statham though. I just saw Chaos with him and Ryan Phillipe, that was a really good movie. Action + plot twists (+ Jason and Ryan mmmm) = my kind of movie.

  6. Q80 In Denver

    LooooL I totally agree with Angelo .. If you see the name “Uwe Boll” in any movie do not buy it ! House of the dead, Alone In the dark, Bloodryne 1,2 and this one .. I just wanna know one thing .. how could he persuade these great actors into these movies? I have no Idea .. maybe let them sign while they are drunk? maybe :p Also I wanna know as the worst director in the history of hollywood depanding on the budgets ! for example: this one 80+ Million Dollars! Who is the idiot that finance these movies with BIG budget ! oo sheno “el was6a” that Uwe Boll has that let him back into the director’s chair again and again and again ?? I need this “was6a” to hire me as a director! :p

  7. zahed

    we didnt like the movie yaaak CAUSE WE WERE SLEEPING lool

  8. Q80 In Denver

    LoooooooooL :p

  9. Kim: Very nice! I will be checking out that movie for sure!

    Q80InDenver: hahhaha! I don’t think anyone can do a worse job as Uwe Boll. The funny part for me was that he beat up the reporters that said he was bad in a challenge!

    zahed: looool!

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