The Meat Co. Lunch


We had to postpone our Lunch due to the delay to see the movie. We call The Meat Company and they were very easy about the delay since we wanted to be seated outside on the deck. The only problem is getting through to them, their line was busy over the one hour period we were trying to call them to delay our lunch.


We got there around 3:30 pm and we were ready to devour everything in front of us. We had a hearty meal ahead of us and each one just wanted to eat since we were hungry. The weather was amazing, but the funny part was the amount of Kuwaitis at the restaurant. Every 20 – 30 minutes we would get up to say hello to people we knew, it was funny how many people vacated Kuwait and yet you always see them out of town.


  • Appetizer
    • Beef Ribs
    • Beef Carpaccio
    • Salt & Pepper Calamari
    • Red Chilli Prawns
  • Main:
    • Wagyu Striploin
    • Prime Rib
    • Black Angus – Fillet
    • Marinated Lamb Skewer
    • Lamb Cutlets
  • Side:
    • Steak-cut Chips
    • Shaved Biltong
    • Baked Potato
    • Onion Rings
    • Mashed Potatoes
  • Desert:
    • Chocolate and Pistachio Fondante
    • Traditional South African Malva Pudding


    We all remained stationary after that tasteful meal, we didn’t want to go any where. Some of the guys wanted to sleep but we had to keep to our schedule and go to the movies. We had to keep on pushing, some were faltering but we wouldn’t let them stop.










  • A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. yummy even the names of the food is making me hungry!

      place looks nice, I wanna gooo :(

    2. zahed

      do u remember what steak K…… da3am

    3. I think the only good thing about Meat Co. is their location! Glenalik jarib terracre grill in one of the hhotels in diera city! If it turns out to be bad do not blame though!

    4. “shaved biltong”, “malva pudding” – if you are south african, then means “home” to you! :)
      hope you tried it?

    5. Eddy

      oh man…no pictures of the meat itself?? :)

    6. Loca in Kuwait

      The location does look amazing, but I need to see pics of food before I give my final verdict. No no I have to be honest the whole whirlwind trip and the MOVIES alone made this trip worth it. I could have eaten bologne sandwiches and been happy!

    7. mustafa

      btw muchboos=sexy

    8. ananyah: :D

      zahed: it was good!

      Big Pearls: We are a meat loving people! loool!

      Hasan.B: Its not the best but the seating is amazing! How can I not blame you!!

      bbq8: yup it was amazing!

      Eddy: not this time! We were too damn hungry!

      loca: looool!

      mustafa: hahahaha!

    9. modia

      kel ele bqola mshalaa 3aleek WwWwW BSS

    10. John

      I am going to be visiting Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on wwhat are the must things to do and see. I love to run, especially trail running, practice and teach martial arts, love to shop, dance, eat great food and get to know the culture. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

    11. modia: mashkoora!

      John: You do have a lot of choices in Dubai, in Kuwait you have the scientific center then you have Marina Crescent, Avenues. In Dubai check out the Mall of the Emirates, also check out the Medinat Jumeirah, nice place to walk around in. That is just a start!

    12. xeonali

      I really don’t like this restaurant ! I tried tor like it but I can’t ! The meat is so ” Zafir ” and the place is overpriced .. the one in Bahrain is much much better .. In my opinion the best place in dubai to be filling up with meat is : Butcher Shop & Grill … Mall of the Emirates

    13. xeonali: Really I thought it was pretty good and most of their food is good!

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