100 Dirham Sleep


So we had the marathon day in Dubai last week, we were all exhausted after our meal at Meat Co. We had a schedule to follow and the next movie was “In The Name of The King” which was a disastor. We went to the Cinestar Gold Class at Mall of the Emirates. We were supposed to go to Cloverfield but we decided to go to this movie because of the Gold Class.


All Six of us went in and we ordered some green tea and some blankets. All six of us agree that the VIP Gold Class in Mall of the Emirates is much more comfortable then the new one by Cinescape at the Avenues, you can really lie down, there is room to change how your seating, and the couch is very soft unlike the electronic couchs at the Avenues.


After recieving the blankets the movie started, 3 people were asleep right away and that was probably the best thing to do. 20 minutes in, only 2 of us were left awake watching the movie. It just went from bad to worse, we had hopes but every time Burt Reynolds was on screen it just got worse. Then I fell asleep for about an hour, and woke up for the last half of the movie. The best part of the movie was that one hour worth of sleep.

K said “That was the best 100 Dirhams I have spent on this trip”

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL I dont blame you guys! it was one helluva trip and you needed the “forty winks”

  2. zahed

    not blankets you mean dalawa22 looool i slept all t he way baby it was the best

  3. Ya 7iloo nomat il sainima ! :D hehehe

  4. lol it happens with me only when I’m watching late movies

  5. Loca in Kuwait

    I have caught some of my best naps in the movies, hehe. If you would have seen 27 dresses like I wanted you to then there would not have been a closed eye in the theater! Glad you had fun

  6. Q80 In Denver

    LoooooL ya 7alat noomat el cinema :p .. I agree that the VIP seating in Q8 cinema is uncomfortable and stupid ! It doesn’t lie down completely which lets you to a point that you wish you were sitting in a normal chair ! Nothing beats the one in Gold Coast, Austrailia ! :) oo I’m so angry at you that u got to this other than Cloverfield !!! :( believe me, cloverfield is for movie theatre viewing only !

  7. moocherx

    With the price of hotels in Dubai these days… I’m going to pay the 100 Dirhams next time!

  8. jewaira

    that’s funny :P

  9. Ansam: loooool!

    zahed: hahaha

    7zaya: ee wala!

    Rashisha: Very funny!

    pearls: It was 6 pm! loool!

    Laialy: It just happened! hahaha

    Loca: hahaha! I don’t think 6 guys would go see 27 dresses! loool

    Q80InDenver: We will watch it in the theater! Inshalla! But yeah the one in Kuwait justisn’t as comfortable!

    moocherx: if you are staying one day then that is the place!

    jewaira: yup!

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