Fast and the Furious


This was one the best car movies to come out in a long time. When it came out it put street racing on the front of the page. I have seen the movie in a few years, decided to watch it again and it was worth watching. One hell of an adrenaline rush, Paul Walker did great in the movie and Vin Diesel was just right for the movie. There is a story, fast cars, and lots of actions that is why I loved the movie.


I went out after watching this movie and I was driving like a race car driver. That is what the movie does to you, you think you are one of the best drivers out there. I remember in the states there were lots of races and people going crazy at the parking lots of the movie theaters when it came out and police were on high alert trying to catch these drivers.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This was an awesome movie… even though Im not a car person or car racing person… but it was exciting…. the other Fast and Furious weren’t as WoW as this one….! I think I want to see it now :)

  2. Yeah I am not into cars and stuff either… but it really does a number on you LOL! You do wanna speed after watching it :-P

  3. part two wasn’t as good, but Tokyo Drift was pretty neat

  4. Glitter: Very Much So!

    Eshda3wa: Paul Walker! loool!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: It was the first and best one, Tokyo Drift was also a good one! A different scene and different attitude!

    Ansam: looool!

    Laialy: Yup, I did like Tokyo Drift A lot, the 2nd was a bombshell!

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