Limited Edition Jordan 23 Basketball


Its not that I play basketball so much these days but s who isn’t a fan of Michael Jordan. He was an amazing basketball player and a nice person off court. This is a very nice mantel piece for a room in the house, old grain looking leather with a jumping man symbol on the sides. For $150 I think it is a great novelty item to have if you were a fan or knows some one that is a fan.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. WOW! i use to love basketball…
    Not so much right now.
    But that one looks Suaaveee!

    Thought is this used
    Only as an ornament

  2. hathey etha infala3 feeha a7ad, il-maflooo3 yero7 feeha

  3. looks very cool and it matches my contemporary furniture..nice

  4. El Aly


  5. Skinnybumblebee: It is different, I think its a mantle piece not meant to be played with!

    Outkasty: hahaha! El MAflooo3! loool!

    TripleM: You have found an accessory! :)

    KWT23: loool! I knew you would!

    El Aly: U idiot! hahaha

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