Long Days


Work has been a huge load for the past couple of days. There is that feeling at the end of the day where you feel your brain shutting down. I didn’t manage to get a bite to eat until late in the evening, and I only wanted to pass out after that. The most annoying thing is that headache from lack of sleep. I’m just very happy that one of the business trips that was planned got canceled, I thought I might have another marathon on my hands and this trip would have been a 4+ hour flight.

One of the best feelings after a long meal is stuffing yourself silly and then passing out. I don’t care about the health implications but sleeping with a full stomach when your exhausted feels damn good and you pass out right away.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Kim

    haha. nothing beats a good food-coma, especially after a long day of working hard. Enjoy your rest you’ve earned it.

  2. Wait till you wake up feeling theres a rock in your gut! A3!
    Take it easy =D

  3. take a day off, rest eshway and go riding. you need it

  4. punky

    headache from lack of sleep and rock gut from sleep are enough to make you shoot yourself! Worst feeling ever!

  5. Allah e3eenik, when are you planning to take another vacation? :p

  6. ya36eeek il 3afya o bil 3afya ..

    Tip:- easy on the food gabl la tnam! eat lighter.. u’ll hav a better sleep!

  7. Ya36eek il 3afya..It’s nice to eat and then sleep bas I hate the feeling it gives me when I wake up!

  8. eshda3wa: alah e3afeech!

    Kim: I need more rest! loool! Passing out with a full stomach did that!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: loool!

    Kaileena: I woke up feeling good!

    pearls: I wish it was that simple!

    punky: I know!

    Laialy: i have no clue!

    Marrakech: alah e3afeech, but its because of the food that I sleep! :)

    Big Pearls: alah e3afeech, I felt fine :D

    Jacqui: lool

  9. Loca in Kuwait

    hehe lil round tummy fast asleep in the warm bed snoring like a freight train thats how I imagined you! I pass out stuffed but then have bad dreams :0(

  10. Loca: I don’t have any dreams.. I just lay there.. dead tired! And I don’t snore.. just pass out! looool!

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