Robo Back and Kicking


Its been a little while since Robo has been out, it has taken about two months since Monichum’s Slide. The engine guard and levers took some time to get, that delayed everything over a month but now everything is done and finished. I only changed the mirrors to bar end mirrors because they are cleaner, look sleeker and do provide me with a good amount of view with almost no vibration at any speed or acceleration.


The moment they took Robo out of the Tristar van I was ecstatic about it. The aggressive look of the machine that I missed, I wanted to ride right away and that is pretty much what I did. I dropped everything I was doing, geared up and headed out the door to catch what little was left of day light. There were a few riff raffs on the road but I was enjoying myself too much to care, and I missed the pure brute strength that this machine has, so much torque on this heavy machine.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. monichum

    Monichum Slide 2 . Opening winter 2009

  2. OK! dont get me wrong or anything… Pyro rayyal! o 3ajeeb o loona mo 6abi3i. I mean yen7ab o yedesh el galb… bes Robo 7adda sexaaaay! hehehehe

  3. Mabroook ^_^ … he looks hotter than ever, i mean robo :p

  4. Loca in Kuwait

    Robo looks like a manly man…Russell Crowe in Gladiator, not that Pyro is any less seductive. Pyro is a sexy Italian, like Antonio Sabato Jr. Both are fine in different perspectatives :0)

  5. welcome back robo,, i love naked bikes

    love the bar end mirrors,, what brand ?!

  6. jewaira

    Now that’s what I call passion

  7. Desmo

    Oh wooow looks 90% of the comments are from females, makes me wana get myself a Robo….

    I happened to be there yesterday when it was going inside the delivery truck..and thought the side mirrors looks as contemporary as the bike is..oh and the front fairing made it very aggressive.

    Have fun

  8. Kim

    Robo: lookin’ tough, good to see you again.

    Glad you have both your bikes in working order. How do you choose who to ride?

  9. monichum: looool! Inshalla it doesn’t open!

    Ansam: looooool! I like the opinions!

    Laialy: Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatich! :)

    Loca: hahaha! Are they your suitors? hahaha

    Glitter: They have to!

    vampire: Wunderlich, the german ones I think! Made a difference really!

    jewaira: Couldn’t help it!

    Desmo: hahaha! Thanks!

    Kim: I honestly have difficulty making a choice, depends on my mood, if I want really fast or I want a brute!

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