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Qualitynet 4MB Connection


Internet Connectivity has been an issue over the past couple of months but it seems things have been ironed out. What I find funny is that ISPs keep blaming the problems outside the country for slow speeds they are having.

I have had the 4 MB connection from Qualitynet for the past month now. I paid 850 KD during the special pricing at the Expo. I was wondering how they would sustain the speed and if my line would be able to sustain that speed. My line has been able to sustain the speed consistantly and it has been an improvment but there also have been a few hiccups.

With a 4 MB connection that means you can download at around 380 to 420 Kbps depending on what you are connected to. I have been downloading from a server with a very fast connection, during the day my connection would hit 400 Kbps and average around that. Then at night it would drop to 100 to 140 Kbps, at best it would reach 200 kbps. It was strangely unstable but that was due to Qnet’s side. I asked them to refresh my IP, and everytime they did it solved the problem until it repeated the next night. Overall I think that the difference in speed is very noticable, and this 4 MB connection is worth for those who download a lot and use it for other reasons such as streaming out, vpn, and remotely connecting to your computer.