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Internet Connectivity has been an issue over the past couple of months but it seems things have been ironed out. What I find funny is that ISPs keep blaming the problems outside the country for slow speeds they are having.

I have had the 4 MB connection from Qualitynet for the past month now. I paid 850 KD during the special pricing at the Expo. I was wondering how they would sustain the speed and if my line would be able to sustain that speed. My line has been able to sustain the speed consistantly and it has been an improvment but there also have been a few hiccups.

With a 4 MB connection that means you can download at around 380 to 420 Kbps depending on what you are connected to. I have been downloading from a server with a very fast connection, during the day my connection would hit 400 Kbps and average around that. Then at night it would drop to 100 to 140 Kbps, at best it would reach 200 kbps. It was strangely unstable but that was due to Qnet’s side. I asked them to refresh my IP, and everytime they did it solved the problem until it repeated the next night. Overall I think that the difference in speed is very noticable, and this 4 MB connection is worth for those who download a lot and use it for other reasons such as streaming out, vpn, and remotely connecting to your computer.

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  1. Waleed

    I have upgraded my connection from Quality to 3 MB but still I am not happy with the performance. I called them 4 days ago and I asked them if there is any problem they admitted they have problems and it will take couple of days to fix. Still I am waiting for that.

  2. heeey maaz ..
    ur connection mashalah mashalah! seems very good ..
    i just got back from Dubai and their connection there was AMAZINGLY fast!
    which proves that they managed to solve the problem ..
    where here i believe they couldnt be happier they found an excuse for their bad quality and service :p

  3. We’re very sorry for the slow speeds from Qnet :P

    we’ve been having congestion for the past month or so.. but abashrek we installed 2 STM-1’s to Jeddah in the last 3 days. it’s better now. But still very borderline. the growth in demand has been rocketing. mo mla7geen.

  4. if i have ur connection…i would seriously have the biggest multimedia library! …. my connection reaches up to 75kbps max.

  5. 850KD is a special price?

    Is that paid in one go or is it split over the year?

  6. Desmo

    KD 700 would get you 2MB from Fasttelco and a constant download speed of 1 to 1.8MB depending on the website your downloading from.

    I had Qnet and my neighbor had FT and we did a test and i can tell that his connection has far better that mine, so i shifted to FT and very happy with the speed.

  7. q8

    marzouag: if your connection is 4MB i think you should get a max speed around 512 KBs.

  8. Desmo:
    This isn’t an issue with all subscribers .. I get a constant 420 – 460kbps connection 90% of the day (fluctuates during peak times).

  9. Marzouq , am hearing bad things about qualitynet , i really want the 3MB cause of the good price, but average speed and Bad service !

    On the other hand , Fasttelco and United Networks have good speed and service , but Pricey !

  10. Waleed: They seem to be having some issues but my connection has been good!

    no3ik: Good good! :) There is always room for improvement, I think they have a few kinks to sort out!

    Falantan: I think you need a few more STM-1s! That would help a lot, and MOC should drop their prices they are hogging it all!

    KWT23: I wouldn’t survive with that!

    muscati: I made a one time payment, at the time it was in February:

    Desmo: That doesn’t seem to be the case, I have test FT and I know what they have installed at their site. They are in bad shpae, and worse service

    q8: From what I have seen the max is around 460 Kbps which is still great.

    K: yup

    Laziale: Its the opposite way around from my experience, the only thing I have to say that more people have Qualitynet so they would complain a little more but I have tried FT and it was a nightmare, UCC is Ok but sometimes they mess with your connection

  11. Zook: I think I know what the problem is. At night when your connection degrades (as do everyones in kuwait) ping an ip in the USA you should get 800ms -> 800++++

    (During my tests ive ruled out routing changes, because there are none)

    Keep changing your IP until the latency drops.

    Here is the theory:

    The device that assigns ips from its pools has an internal glitch, so some ip pools experience extreme latency.

    Probability of this being acknowledged and fixed anytime soon: None !

    Try requesting a static IP and see if that solves it.

  12. I’m not quite sure that I got the refresh IP point.

    How does changing your IP from whatever pool improve the service, unless they priortize based on IP which is highly unlikely from ISP side to normal customers.

    it reminded me when someone asked to get a faster IP!! that doesn’t make sense, unless there are some rules associated with the IP itself otherwise I believe it won’t make a difference.

    Correct me if I’m wrong ;)

  13. Arif

    I have observed that qualitynet usually cuts down Internet bandwidth in nights.
    If you have 4 mb in the morning you will be 2 mb or lesser in the night.

    They have to look into this.

  14. mike

    hey i should have a 4mb bandwidth but i download stuff at 20kb a sec that is soo insainly slow i hate it and it dose it on any website annoying any ideas or suggestions?

  15. Kismat: Thanks for the info, I do agree that it has something to do with the ips and they probably won’t assign a normal user a static ip, thats for sure!

    maryam: When it comes to ISPs some IPs get a certain amount of latency and there is some latency in the system due to that and then sometimes it works just fine, that is the only thing really. Its an internal issue when you have that many hops to go through and that certain ip starts hanging

    Arif: That is what was happening, but not everyday.

    mike: that means your line quality can’t sustain that speed, ask them to test your connection, its supposed to be 400 kbps not 20 kbps

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