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I have tried every ISP there is in Kuwait from the low to high speed connections. I have ran into problems with different ISPs and different problems, some reacted quickly, some were horrible, some were a disaster. After going through a few of them over the past two years I have done an evaluation on my experience with them and price.


  1. Qualitynet
    • Decent Pricing (Cheapest price for higher speeds)
    • Reaction – Not too bad there is a lot of room for improvement.
    • Services – They are trying to improve their network so hopefully we get to see the results sooner
  2. Kems
    • Very Good pricing (Cheap at 2MB and below, if you go higher they are expensive)
    • Reaction – Very good support staff, they really follow up with the customer
    • Services – They have good quality of service and they keep improving
  3. UCC (United)
    • Pricing (They aren’t cheap, but they try to make deals)
    • Reaction – They don’t have a clue what they are doing
    • Service – They cap your downloads and sometimes don’t give you the speed you paid for
  4. Fasttelco
    • Pricing (Most expensive by far, almost double some)
    • Reaction – Horrible reaction, its a disaster internally they don’t know whats going on in their own network
    • Service – Its a jumble, they don’t know whats going on and they also try to regulate P2P which is annoying

This is my opinion and I’m heavy internet user, some might have a different opinion but this has all been through experience with them. Between UCC and Fasttelco is choosing the lesser of two evils, I would avoid both if at all possible.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Personally, I tried united I totally agree with the reaction part with all restart the router solution.

  2. jewaira

    Why is it that some lines (ISP says) cannot handle higher than 1 MB ?

    Also, what do you think of Zain’s e-Go?

  3. jewaira: Bad telephone lines .. cleaner current = higher speed.

  4. lfc-q8

    k how can we fix it? khalas lost hope my line maxs out at 1 mb?

  5. If your lines are bad .. they need to be replaced, not much you can do about it.

  6. internet sucks here a big one!!
    we have wireless and all of a sudden it doesn’t work anymore… shey eqith! :(

  7. Kems support is beyond incredible. I called them a few weeks ago for a router problem and they sent me the Linksys router firmware update that fixed everything. None of the other tech supports bother with such things.

  8. lfc-q8

    and how could it be replaced?

  9. Faresco

    Hey K.
    great blog!

    After trying Zajil, Fastelco(now-yuck!),and Quality Net, I’m thinking of going with United Networks… 2MB :/
    what attracted me is that the ultimate pack doesn’t limit P2P downloads.
    but after reading your reactions, I feel hesitant…
    I’m a heavy Internet user myself…
    which ISP would you recommend?

  10. I’ve been using United Networks connection for two years now without any problem. The speed is good and their service is fine too. The only downside is the busted router they gave me at first but then they changed it without any trouble.

  11. maryam: That is all they know!

    jewaira: Its the line quality from MOC, it could be in bad shape, just your luck! Zain’s e-Go is good for those who surf a lot and do other things, not downloading.

    K: yup

    lfc-q8: Nope, you can’t you are stuck with what ever line you have, it is very annoying. They haven’t fixed any line in a long time.

    K: When will they replace it!

    David Santos: No problem

    Hamitaf La Bookay: I know what you mean, its just annoying!

    3baid: I know what you mean, they really try to figure things out and they don’t try to assume that you are an idiot on the phone!

    lfc-q8: MOC have to replace it!

    Faresco: Either Kems or Qnet, that is your choice in the matter!

    MacaholiQ8: it seems you are one of the few, but I have run into some major problems with them and others.

  12. abdulwahab

    personally, i’ve had my excperiences with fasttelco , and it’s the worst of all, quality net?, hmmm..! , not that much quality, kems is the best , as 4 united , well it’s the first time i’ve heard of ’em , they have no publicity at all

  13. abdulwahab: As I mentioned before, its the same case. KEMs is the best from my experience!

  14. Chander Kumar Manchanda

    I have taken DSL connection from UNOTED NETWORKS KUWAIT at 48kd per year that too LDSL which is good for just for browzing voice chat is not possible at all, but after that ultra DSL was offered to the public just for 35kd/year.If I want to upgrade I will have to pay 24kd more total will be 72kd this looks very very unfiar as compared to 35kd/year.
    I would request the concerned department of the company to see and upgrade my connection also.
    Thanking you

  15. Chander Kumar Manchanda


  16. Khaled

    The main problem with DSL in Kuwait is landline cables, I’m waiting for the MOC to finish installing the optical fiber system, but i guess its gonna take much longer than it should.

  17. Nop the correct name is Gulfnet Communications its a subsidiary of United Networks. United Network is a holding company which is a subsidiary of KIPCO group.

  18. Wahab

    I have tried just one isp which is quality net i realy hate it .. i have 1mb but its like 128 kb or less for just once a week in the morning it works as it should be ! I feel so bad about quality I dont recommend any to subscribe with quality .. i’m thinking about Kems. 4 mb for 400kd a year

  19. hey guys! have you tried united network? well, i’ve been a U.N. customer for around 1 year, connections suck encountered lots of disconnections average of 9 disconnections a day stupid customer service they know nothing they just simply ask me to restart the router very disappointing. dont waste your time and money for this ISP.

  20. lil mr dixy

    guys don’t forget it’s matter of (( location location location )) the more near you are from the operator he better connection you have

  21. bader

    i have tried the following
    FAStelco, horrible
    KEMS; were good for 18 months, then after a problem occured with my connection, they showed me how completely indifferent they are to my calls, 3 weeks i was calling them to fix it(and it requires a few hours to fix), but nothing so i cancelled
    Quality; 2 months with them now, seem good, helpful and professional service and customer care

    any comments on gulfnet service and customer care?

  22. nas mohammed

    am using viva 7.2 mbps……..but always i got less than 1 mbps…like 0.6….0.4 …also there customer service is very very bad…always one answer ” sir plz wait 24 to 48 hours”……totally fed up….. any body have bad experience from viva…?

  23. enzki16

    yah… i am also a user.. of viva i have a 7.2mbps viva router.. at the 1st week of using it i experience a good speed 3mbps -3.5mbps single user. ( Maidan hawally section) then the next week i notice the speed is kinda slowing down the speed 1mbps at 2mbps… i keep monitoring the speed of my viva router because im playing a ONLINE GAME…. I HATE LAG… until now the speed of my VIVA router is getting worse… the speed is 500kps up to 1mbps.. T_T i already try to go to the VIVA branch in Avenue… to help me with my problem they just send a signal request… at my place…… BUT until Now there Still no Progress With my VIVA router Speed…. I pay 18kd for every month for the speed of 7.2mbps but i suffer coz i only got 500kbps- 1mbps and the bad thing is im gonna pay this for 2yrs…. I HOPE VIVA WILL TAKE SOME ACTION ABOUT THIS PROBLEM……. COZ I KNOW I,M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SUFFER THIS!

  24. I also agree that location is the big impact in ISP. I have an experienced, my location is far from the operator and my net connection is very slow, when time comes we moved in another house and near to the operator, I must say my net connection become fast.

  25. bader

    zain e-go isn’t that good they tell you they don’t have a download limit then when you call and ask them why your net is slow they say “we have a 30gb download limit” WTF?

  26. mazyad

    hi … i have a viva router at the speed of 7.2mbps and when i connect to my lap wirelessly i get the speed of less than 1mbps but when i connect my router to my ps3 i get the speed of 2-3mbps but the downloading doesn’t seem to get this speed and i got lag sometimes although i got 3-4 bars in online gameplay … and i’m thinking to switch to an ISP … and from ur reviews i’m thinking about or kems for a stable connection …. what do u think ?

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