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ISP Kuwait Rating


I have tried every ISP there is in Kuwait from the low to high speed connections. I have ran into problems with different ISPs and different problems, some reacted quickly, some were horrible, some were a disaster. After going through a few of them over the past two years I have done an evaluation on my experience with them and price.


  1. Qualitynet
    • Decent Pricing (Cheapest price for higher speeds)
    • Reaction – Not too bad there is a lot of room for improvement.
    • Services – They are trying to improve their network so hopefully we get to see the results sooner
  2. Kems
    • Very Good pricing (Cheap at 2MB and below, if you go higher they are expensive)
    • Reaction – Very good support staff, they really follow up with the customer
    • Services – They have good quality of service and they keep improving
  3. UCC (United)
    • Pricing (They aren’t cheap, but they try to make deals)
    • Reaction – They don’t have a clue what they are doing
    • Service – They cap your downloads and sometimes don’t give you the speed you paid for
  4. Fasttelco
    • Pricing (Most expensive by far, almost double some)
    • Reaction – Horrible reaction, its a disaster internally they don’t know whats going on in their own network
    • Service – Its a jumble, they don’t know whats going on and they also try to regulate P2P which is annoying

This is my opinion and I’m heavy internet user, some might have a different opinion but this has all been through experience with them. Between UCC and Fasttelco is choosing the lesser of two evils, I would avoid both if at all possible.