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Limited Space


I have been downloading at a very high rate over the past two months, and I’m reaching a bottle neck which I didn’t think I would hit this quickly. I am currently running out of space on my main systems. I’m filling up my hard drives with TV shows, Anime, and movies.


Space Breakdown:

  • Main PC (Armor Jr) :
  • Space: 698 GB
  • Free Space: 27 GB
  • External (USB Attached Maxtor):
  • Space: 233 GB
  • Free Space: 58 GB
  • Infrant NV+ (Network):
  • Space: 1603 GB
  • Free: 231 GB
  • Network Drive (Maxtor):
  • Space: 278 GB
  • Free Space: 198 GB
  • Total Space: 2812 GB
  • Free Space: 514 GB
  • Free Space: 18.3%

I had a simple process of moving old things to the Infrant and keeping new things on the Main PC, but I reached a bottleneck with that a few weeks ago and so I started moving some data over to the external storage and some over to the network drive. I had a system before but now that just doesn’t accomodate the amount of data that I am downloading. I have to figure out a different system of moving things over, I don’t even have enough time to watch all that I am downloading, but I want to download all that is available now so that if it isn’t available in the future at least I could. I have to figure out a new system, this isn’t the total amount of space that I have available but I need to figure out where to move all my media at this rate it is just getting all filled up. Before I thought I could just organize all my photos at a later point, and I kept postponing so many things but at this point I have to organize my pictures, music and other folders so that I can utilize all the space I have efficiently, since I have more to download.