Conceal Bookshelf


I have always like putting my books on shelf for me to see if I need to access them or make move things around a bit. The hardest part is finding the right kind of shelf and this shelf is nothing short of simple and great, you install two metal plates and use the first book as the start of the shelves. It can support up to 15lbs (6.8 Kgs) and stack up to 16 inches(40 cm) for only $15.


Link: MoMa

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  1. awesome! But I have no where to put’em LOL
    hmmmm bes still its a very smart idea and simple too! I like it! You know what! I may end up ordering some LOL

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    You think it will hold up my romance novels? *sigh* Since Robo and Pyro have come on the scene no need to read about fake suitors I can see the REAL ones! :0)

  3. this is so0 cool , mom is gonna kick me out someday all because of my books mess :Pp

  4. Looks neat and modern, but I don’t need it =/ I have my bookstore

  5. Alla shakla wayd 7ilo, but I need like 10 to fit SOME of my books:/

  6. Its nice, but practically, u need to stock books lengthways for it to be easier to take out.

  7. feelingstalk: lol

    Ansam: LOL! No wall to put them on?

    Hamitaf La Bookay: hahahaha!

    Loca: hahaha! The knights in shining armor!

    Zabo0o6a: hahaha! Then this will clean things up for sure!

    Outkasty: How do you store it?

    G&L: SOME! Damn.. I know what you mean, but this is a good way to store it!

    This Lady: I don’t think it would be an issue to do that, it would just be a case of balance.

  8. tasawar

    hi guys, where from I can get Conceal Bookshelf in Dubai-UAE.
    Can anyone guide me. I am in need of it. thnx for sharing such a wonderful things.

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