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NBK Debit Card


I recently had to replace my Debit/Check Card because it was bending in the wrong place due to non-usage. It took a few days to get the replacement, it was strange not having it when I needed it. So then I was all happy and dandy until I found out what happens when you do get a new card.

When I started using the online login, it reset everything from scratch. Its as if you never used an online account before, so what do you lose exactly:

Or another way to title it, Whats Wrong with NBK’s online account access:

  • Your Online NBK account login gets reset
  • You get a new check card number, not just a new check card even though you are just replacing an existing card and not a lost card, which they should just update the expiry date
  • You lose the ability to transfer online, so you have to ask for E-Pin which takes three days and you have to pick it up from the branch that you opened up your account with to get access to online local and international transfers
  • After entering the E-Pin you get access to the transfer capability but if you stored accounts there before then you have lost all the information about those accounts
  • Overall the interface is very stiff and dated

I have always had an issue with their online interaction but I was really pissed off when I lost all the information that I have entered before.