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I recently had to replace my Debit/Check Card because it was bending in the wrong place due to non-usage. It took a few days to get the replacement, it was strange not having it when I needed it. So then I was all happy and dandy until I found out what happens when you do get a new card.

When I started using the online login, it reset everything from scratch. Its as if you never used an online account before, so what do you lose exactly:

Or another way to title it, Whats Wrong with NBK’s online account access:

  • Your Online NBK account login gets reset
  • You get a new check card number, not just a new check card even though you are just replacing an existing card and not a lost card, which they should just update the expiry date
  • You lose the ability to transfer online, so you have to ask for E-Pin which takes three days and you have to pick it up from the branch that you opened up your account with to get access to online local and international transfers
  • After entering the E-Pin you get access to the transfer capability but if you stored accounts there before then you have lost all the information about those accounts
  • Overall the interface is very stiff and dated

I have always had an issue with their online interaction but I was really pissed off when I lost all the information that I have entered before.

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  1. The e-Pin and so are all security precautions! That’s all…. and I think you should contact the e-Business dept for them to give you a list of the beneficiaries you had. I think NBK can do better with their online banking, and they are working on it :-)

  2. I hate KFH for personal reasons, but their portal is way much better than NBK’s.

    I’ve been using NBK’s service for very long, even since they allowed people to dial-in to their system and check their accounts (which I did).

    They’re providing some good packages & whatnot, but for the love of God, fix your online portal !!!!

    You’re not alone, dude.

  3. :: When you ask for a new card ask them to replace it not to issue a new one. in that case the last 2 digits will change and you will keep your data saved.

  4. punky

    Your data is still on their systems ask them to migrate the info to the new card.

  5. So far NBK is considered the best comparing to KFh my card was stolen last time and it took them a week to get me a new one and after i got it they told it’s won’t work right now i have to wait for 2 hours , unlike NBK i got my card within 2 dayz and their service was excellent !

  6. trust me regardless of how bad NBK online is.. its waaaaaaaay better than other banks… my sister is suffering with her Gulf Bank account… geltlaha to come to NBK… but she’s being a tad bit stubborn… :)

  7. I’d suffer with procedures rather than suffer the consequences of online fraud myself, it’s the classical convenience VS security argument.

  8. D

    3adi take it easy. contact E-business and ask them to migrate your beneficiary details to ur new card. send them an email from ur nbk online acct if you dont like talking to them.

  9. Streetjab


    If you had specifically told them you needed a card replacement, you are supposed to get a the same card.

    -Furthermore your online logon password is not supposed to change.

    Your card was probably marked as lost or stolen.

    Let me know which branch you banked with.

  10. I went through the same thing. my only problem was not being able to use my k-net abroad that’s why I requested a new one. They didn’t even inform me about all the points you mentioned above, ay shay hada!

  11. Ansam: Security precautions can be done in a different way, they are already verifying half the information you have which is ridiculous asking for it everytime! They should make a secret question type thing! I like NBK but their online Banking drives me nuts!

    MBH: Exactly their online portal needs to be overhauled badly, and made simpler and easier to use, less stiff to navigate!

    Frankom: I asked for a replacement, I specified it but it seems the person behind the counter lacked brain power at the time!

    punky: I will call them up and ask them to migrate or shoot them an email!

    Zabo0o6a: I’m not saying their service is bad, its just the logic behind their online portal is bad. I like dealing with them but sometimes they are just too stiff!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: looool! I can imagine!

    th: That isn’t the case with other banks in the states. There is a why to keep it secure and easy, but in this case I think its less secure due to you having to enter your atm number everytime which someone could copy!

    D: I will try that, thanks. I’m not pissed off as much as I am frustrated with this stiff system!

    Streetjab: I bank with the Watya Branch, but I asked for the replacement at the Mishref Branch. I asked for a replacement, I specified it but it seems something else was done!

    pearls: I know what you mean! Its annoying!

  12. fahad

    and when you reset you account, you cant use the previous passwd ! what a security huh !
    i keep forgetting what passwd is active now !

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