Running Around


Its just one of those days where you don’t seem to able to stop because you keep having one task after another to do, some are good and some are annoying.

Work was the usual run around and getting things done, but I still had to get a few things done. I was on my feet all day long to the point I only went home to shower and change then head back out.

Work from 8:30 to 4:00 pm, the usual stuff and getting things done.

Lunch at 4:30 pm at Johnny Rockets Marina with a couple of friends, and that was honestly fantastic, it felt so relaxing. There were so very few people there and we were enjoying the weather and the food. The strawberry milkshake did help a lot, by the time the meal was done I was too damn full to drive fast.

Headed home, cleaned up a bit, showered and headed out around 6:30 pm. Went to my grand parents since they just came back, it was nice passing by and seeing some family.

Then I had some work with a friend that I needed to do and we sat down working on that for a few hours. It took a lot out of us but we got a few things done which was good. Then home to relax before passing out. It was just one of those days where time was passing by, you always wonder what happened the whole day once it was done.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ya36eek el 3afya…. i know how it is when there ain’t no time to scratch your head…. and the weather right now is gorgous… so its good that your enjoying it outside…
    Btw… el ayam kelaha is running soooo fast… you can’t keep up !!!

  2. Hamitaf La Bookay: Alah e3afeech, it was just a full day!

    K: I don’t want to mention someone that could get me… especiallly with that suit!

  3. I like to keep busy most of the time… but i also need some time to cool down. I had a busy day yesterday as well… I was drained out of my energy

    Left work around four, went home, then headed out to the pharmacy, then back home again, then out with my cousin… I reached home around 8:40ish-9… my foot was hurting so bad so I decided to just relax and do nothing but relaxing hehehe

  4. Allah e3eenik … In the states I had many of those days but here … nothing yet hehehe

  5. Ansam: I know that feeling, really got burnt out!

    Laialy: its going to be rough over the next few days!

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