Saturday Ride


Slept in a bit this time, so we headed out around 10:05 am the weather was perfect and it was only me and one friend riding. One guy got pulled into work around 6:30 am at the bank and the other guy was indisposed. That won’t stop us from riding, even if I wasn’t there the ride has to happen. We took off after meeting at Miseela gas station, its a location where a lot of bikers meet up.


We wanted to keep the ride in the city so we went down the Gulf Road to KPC which took about 35 minutes with all the traffic lights. We were enjoying ourselves at every point. That feeling of the cool breeze hitting you while you are riding is just amazing, we were really on top of the world. The only problem was when we stopped at a light because it got a little warm.


Then we headed to Costa in Bida’a so we went all the way back to get something to drink and eat. It was such an amazing ride, the road was mostly empty except when we got close to Salmiya. Those white caps in between lanes is the most dangerous piece of equipment they have put on the road yet, they should remove them all, every car slips on them and imagine what they do to bikes. By the time we got there it was really hot so we needed something cold to drink to cool off.












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. love the pressure plate and the clutch cover

    i came back from shaleeh Friday night,, i was available on Saturday :(

  2. vampire: didn’t know!! I thought I texted you and you were still in the shalaih! Next time inshalla!

  3. Sounds like an awesome day out :-)

  4. Bader

    you dont have to imagine what the white caps will do to bikes, take a look at this , that my Cousin on the King Fahad Highway, He wanted exit at Sabeh Al Salem bridge but changed his mind and thought that if he hit the white caps, nothing would happen, i was behind him taping the whole thing, it cost him a broken femur bone and a dislocated shoulder, I remember breaking a couple car rims on those things, they very dangerous

  5. @Bader, Did this bike go over the huge round ones? Sorry but he’s an idiot, and a show off. He cud’ve been run over by a car.

  6. Bader

    I know what you mean man, I asked him why did u run over the white balls, he said that he thought the Aurion next him was going to hit him and he decided to get back on the highway. He hit the white balls, the bike started to fish tail and then he hit the concrete payment which caused the bike to flip over. According him, he rolled twice and when he rolled the third time he saw that he was heading towards the small Sign that you see at any bridge. He hit the sign with his left right leg causing his femur to shatter. The accident wasn’t from the stunt. This wasn’t his first time pulling a wheelie. I told him that he is an idiot; he said I had to make a chose, and as a biker myself (amateur that is) I believe that you can’t really judge the situation unless you are the one riding the bike, because in the rider mind, what he did was right. I kind of feel bad because it was my bike and I sort of pushed him into pulling that wheelie. This was last year in March.

  7. Bader

    And im not saying this because he is my cousin, but what he wasn’t pulling a wheelie to show over anything, He just loves to pull stunts on the bike. If he wanted to show off he would have pulled the wheelie on Gulf Street and stop at each traffic light, look back so he can pick up girls like some of the bikers out there. I myself, love the bike for the pure riding pleasure. I love to speed but would never intentionally pull a wheelie cuz prefecting these type of stunts takes trial and error.

    I think that Every guy that rode a bicycle when he was kid had a dream of riding a motorcycle.

  8. Well il 7amdella ina that’s as bad as it got! Yeah, those bikers you talked about really piss me off. But seriously, your cousin should not do wheelies if there cars, let alone on a highway. He is greatly risking his life and other peoples’ (who cud get killed trying to avoid him if he falls).

  9. Bader

    Ur absolutely right, trust me he won’t be getting on a bike any time soon.

  10. Ansam: yup!

    Bader: I’m all for someone to polish their skills but both of you made a bad judgement call for the location. You could have done it in a safer location! Alah ya7futha

    EniGma: He could have been run over true!

    Laialy: We can but sometimes we dont’ have the space!

    Bader: 7amdilla alah salamah, 7amdilla you guys were ok!

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