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The Sonos System


Everybody at this point in time has a sizable amount of music in some sort of hard drive. In my case I have my music mostly stored in my Network Area Storage. I have had the Sonos system for over three years in storage now, I got them in 2005 and didn’t connect them for the longest time since I didn’t have the right setup to take advantage of it.


At this point I do have the right setup to make use of my Sonos system, I have two ZP100s which are the base machines which connect to the database through a wired or wireless connection. These machines recognize each other which is fantastic through the network, I control the two ZP100s through the Sonos Controller 100 which you can choose what to play where. I am deploying these machines in different locations but at this point I really have to organize and clean up my music, they are really messy and the naming is just horrible.


I also need to clean up all the duplicates I have, I have some music stored in other places but with this new system I really need to clean things up with my audio files. My video files are all organized and categorized which is easy to search through and find, but my audio is one huge jumble.