QNet 4MB Connection


It seems that Qnet was really having a problem in last couple of weeks that I saw with my connection. So the speed wasn’t consistent throughout the day, and it was mentioned by one of the comments that they are having an internal and external network problems which are being sorted out. That has been sorted out based on the speed connection chart above.

My downstream connection is about 420 to 480 KB/s throughout the day which is fantastic. This high bandwidth connection is very much worth it, I hope they are able to sustain this level of connectivity and keep growing. I am completely utilizing this download with all the movies and anime that I am stockpiling, anything I can think of I am downloading.

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  1. Q80 Saracen


    Long time reader, first time caller…so to speak. I have a few questions. Do you have a dedicated connection? Where do you dl from…(torrents?) and…well basically, how the hell are you downloading that fast?

  2. I am totally going to beg the father to get us QNET… because what we have is a complete an utter joke… I think its called fasttelco .. o yeah.. thats what it is… !! LOSER NETWORK!!!

  3. 4Mbit should give you ideally 512 kBytes/s of a download stream (over HTTP or FTP).

    In your case, you’re getting 480 kB/s, and I’m assuming the chart you’re giving is for the connection in total, not from your bittorrent client, which means that there’s a loss of 32 kB/s !!! 32 kB/s is a 256 kbps DSL speed, so you MUST claim it since you paid for it!!

    If the chart is composed by your bittorrent client, then I would say the missing 32 kB/s is not really missing, but is used for the communication-overhead of the bittorrent client. In this case, you would be fully abusing your connect, as you should.

    How come your outgoing speed is zero???

  4. Q80 Saracen

    So in theory, if I sign up for the Quality Net 4MB, and download using Azures, I will be getting that kind of speed? Or is it available to only certain areas (because of wiring)…

  5. Q80 Saracen

    So in theory, if I were to sign up for Quality Net’s 4MB, I would be getting the same speed? Even if Im using Azeurus to download torrents off a regular site?

  6. MK

    hey Zdistrict,

    What is that software with which you can see the speed of the internet? the one showing graphical analysis! You have shown a screenshot if it in your post.

    i want it in order to catch out the United netwrok people ;)


  7. Q80 Saracen

    Sorry for the double messaging…I thought the first one didn’t go through…

    And yes, the irony of me writing a comment in order to apologize for writing too many comments hasn’t escaped me… ;-)

  8. Q80 Saracen: Qnet 4MB conenction and I’m downloading from my server which is fast, downloading content from it!

    K: yup!

    Hamitaf: hahaha! It will make things better for sure! Fastelco is crap, you can do better!

    MBH: I’m just downloading using an FTP, the rest of the amount is used for communication and regular surfing! Its really worth it to get this connection though!

    Kismat: nope, not torrent leach!

    K: yup!

    Q80 Saracen: Two things, the line quality should sustain 4MB, and the uploader should upload quickly!

    MK: Hey, I’m using SmartFtp which works to give me the bandwidth issue!

    Q80 Saracen: loool! Don’t worry about it!

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