Review: In The Land of Woman


Adam Brody leads an interesting job an LA, then his girlfriend breaks up with him. He feels that he needs to finish something he started over 11 years ago and he needs to get away from where he is, the break up didn’t help either so going away is a solution. He decides to go stay with his grand mother since she is feeling a bit down, he expects to finish writing all that he has wanted to write as well as take care of his grand mother. He gets pulled into the lives of Megan Ryan and her family. Its a heartfelt simple movie that you do like watching and touches people on different levels, its a nice movie which is meant to be connected on an emotional level, not really a Oscar type movie.


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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have one thing to say: I LOVE ADAM BRODY!!

    I loved that movie.. I know its not oscar type.. and im not so sure that Adam Brody is an oscar type person… but very pretty movie… :)

  2. Kim

    Hamitaf: I soooo agree. Adam Brody is awesome.

    I liked the movie for it’s content, but I loved the movie mostly because I got to watch Adam Brody for two hours mmmmm :)

  3. Hamitaf La Bookay: looool! Its a cool movie but people seem to like Brody too much! lol

    Kim: hahaha! Now thats funny!

    Laialy! Seriosly!

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