Some Tea


Long days at work has resulted in one meal a day and usually around 6:30 pm or 7:30 pm. I don’t have enough time through out the day to eat anything, and even if I get hungry I have too much on my mind to even be hungry. Then I get that headache around 4:00 pm from being hungry and tired, but you just keep chugging along, when I got home around 7:00pm I wanted to eat anything, I was happy I had lunch lined up.


After lunch you sometimes want that glass of tea to hit the spot, I waited about two hours before a glass of tea. I’m not a usual tea drinker and the last time I drank tea was about a month ago, but this time I wanted some tea and it really hit the spot.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I LOVE TEA … I garra have my tea in the morning and then I’ll occasionally have one throughout the day

  2. punky

    tea is just hot fire!

  3. Good that you didnt drink it right after your meal! I am not a tea-drinker…not even social tea drinker, but I love herbal teas ;-)

  4. Tea is my poison I don’t do coffee at all!

  5. q8y Swimmer

    tell me about it before i started to work i used to drink water only, now im consuming tea like a 9a3eeDi !

  6. Laialy: lol! I’m not realy a tea guy people like their tea!

    pearls: :)

    punky: lol!

    Ansam: I like some herbal tea, but this tea tasted really good!

    Jacqui: loool!

    Q8y Swimmer: I haven’t reached that point yet! Still a water drinker!

    jewaira: lol! :D

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