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ZDistrict Overhaul


This has been on the works for the past couple of months, but at this point I have to get it into gear. I wanted to thank Ananyah for helping get online and Jacqui for revamping it a few times. I am probably going to need their help again with this revamp.

I am facing issues with audio and video posts no matter what I do, then there are small issues with the side bar that I am trying to sort out. I know that my theme is just have issues with a few new features. So at this point I need a new theme, something fresh but similar, I putting a bunch of pictures together right now for the backgrounds, and I know I have been the bottle neck for all the changes.

The Changes:

  • A Different yet Similar Theme
  • New Images
  • Updated WordPress
  • New Plugins
  • Cleaning up the Archives

I forgot ZDistrict’s Two year anniversary and passing the 1 million mark, hopefully things will keep chugging along.

(Sorry people comments weren’t working for some reason)