Review: The Myst


I have been looking forward to this movie for some time now, I thought it would just be a regular horror movie but turned out to be a little more then that. David Drayton is living in this town with his family, next to the town is a military base. They had an electrical storm so they had to go into town to get some supplies, when they were in the store a strange mist covered the area around them, some people came screaming from the mist. Something was in the mist and they didn’t know what, creatures were lurking in the mist and they didn’t know what to expect. This turns out to be a good horror movie with an interesting twist, I thought it was going to be ok but it was entertaining with a very good ending. I didn’t know it was based on a Stephen King’s book until the movie finished.


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  1. sounds interesting. Btw: most of ur movie reviews r 3.5/5 …. ;)

  2. I saw it too, I loved the ending! It was unexpected!

  3. Q80 In Denver

    Wonderful Movie with some good cheeseness that reminds me of Phantoms movie back 1997. The ending would be the best ending I have ever seen in 2007!


  4. il-ending ta3asa LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    law ana minta ashkara ansidi7 bil arth o akhaley il-dabbaBa tahrisney!

  5. I love the movie, i dint even hear about it but i check the most torrented films of 2007 and it was this one. I was gona cry at the end when you know bang…bang…bang…bang and the army come best ending.

    You know that women who gets shoot in the head – god just give me 10 minutes with her, i would beat the crap out of her.

  6. kwt23: I have some bad ones in mind that I haven’t posted about yet!

    Ansam: yup!

    Outkasty: enjoy!

    Q80InDenver: yup a damn good ending!

    Outkasty: looool! loved the reaction!

    vampire: really why? I really like him!

    sabeur: I know what you mean the ending was really unexpected! And yes I wanted to kill that woman too!

  7. Webmaister

    The movie would have been on my top 10 list except for the ending. What a way to ruin a good movie.

  8. Webmaister: Your kidding me, the ending was the best part!

  9. just finish the myst.. and searching through google and landed here.
    good movie.. the background music before the ending make me feel so sad :(

    just thinking if something like that happen to me..

    but if you like playing a pc game you will see the monster is like the monster in half life 2. and some story too.. scientist open the gate to other dimension and monsters come out :D

    the ending is surprised too, same with when saw 6th sense and the other..

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