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8 Guys & 1 Van


This is probably one of the most ridiculous events that have taken place over the past couple of weeks. We all had a few things to do, and one the guys wanted to go to Rihab. I have wanted to go to Rihab for a while now but I hate going to that area because of traffic and lack of parking. We started the day with 6 guys and ended with 8 guys, it started off as something funny and turned into a funny event all over Kuwait.


We took off to Hawally with the Toyota Innova filled with 6 people, it was surprising that it fit everybody very comfortably. The car was comfortable to drive, and it was empty when we first left so we filled it up at the gas station.


We got to Rihab around 4:35pm and we all had a few things to do:

  • Another Guitar for Rock Band
  • A couple of games for X-Box 360
  • Roaming around the building

img140308-032.jpgWe went into every crevice in Rihab, I haven’t done that in over a decade. I usually go in with something in mind but this time we split up into pairs and we were on a mission. We covered every store and shop there was, I stumbled upon a Japan Hobby store which is fantastic, I’m going to pass by there again since it was closed when I got there. There were lots of stores selling fire extinguishers for some reason. After running around for about 45 minutes we went to the basement and checked out Underground and ComputerCity, it was a sad state of a computer store for Computer City. They had 8X PC-DVD selling for 28 KD which was selling for 28 KD in 1996.


We left the building looking for a microphone stand which turned into a run around in Hawally. We found a place which had microphone stand which we haggled for, it was priced at 15 KD and got it for 11.5 KD. From there we headed to Mishref and picked up friend to head to Kuwait City. So around 5:56 pm we were 7 people in the van and going to Al Falah Car Wash to get one of our friends. We nagged him until he decided to leave his car home and join us in our escapade.


We headed to Bida’a from there then to Salmiya to pick up from food. I was pushing the car as much as possible, it was hilarious. I am honestly impressed with the car, it has an mp3 CD player and tape deck, and after driving around for 4.5 hours the gas needle didn’t drop from the F symbol, it remained full all day.


We got back to have dinner and then proceeded to enjoy Rock Band.