Lite Ride


We weren’t sure how the weather was going to be when we got up in the morning. It was only two of us in the morning, we tried getting up around 8:15 am but we didn’t meet up until 9:30 am and headed out to Misseela gas station to fill up before deciding our route. The weather was cool, a little windy but not too bad, there was no dust so that was good.

We decided to head towards Hilton Manguf for a change and get something cold to drink Starbucks, we were flying there. I think our average speed was 180 kph, the road was relatively empty and so we turned Fahaheel Highway into a damn race track between the two of us. The thrill of speed and getting the turn just right gets your blood pumping, getting my helmet down as I’m trying to follow the lines of the curve making over the bridge and into the next curve. I could see Monichum behind me about to take off from my right, the best part was the empty roads. It seems that everyone decided to stay home thinking there would be a dust storm. Ofcourse at the Hilton Manguf they gave us a little lip about parking our bikes, and they wanted us to park it in the other parking, I told them I’m not moving it and I ignored them.


After our little break in Manguf we headed towards Marina to get breakfast with some of the guys. The ride was interesting since this time were riding into the wind. Whenever we are leaning it would be against the wind or with the wind, it feels like something is pushing you as you ride. It was a fun day of riding, even though it was short but always better then not riding.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This is my fav post, eeeeeeekhs :(


  2. yeah! The weather turned out to be surprisingly nice! We canceled a BBQ dinner thinking it was gonna be dusty :-/

  3. seems like you did some editing to the pics.. they look pretty neat

  4. JoJo


    Start by convencing your father that you want to get a learner’s permit to have a license , without necessarily getting a bike & guage his reaction ba3dain Inta7ri

  5. JoJo,

    In that case, 3ayal lazim ant7er leanna I know how to ride =p

  6. Outkasty: looool! Inshalla you will enjoy one soon!

    Mark: hmm….

    Ansam: I was happy I was out!

    K: maybe..

    Laialy: thanks! Was just tweaking the 2nd one, the first one was as is!

    Mark: :p

    JoJo: lol!

    Outkasty: hehehe

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