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Recent Shows – 03-08


Jericho – Season 2

This is picking up from last season which ended at a climax, they now have a new military in their town which stopped the war between the two towns. Things are picking up and the show is as good as it was before, its at episode 5 and I can’t get enough of this show. I’m not sure where the show is going but I hope they keep up this pace.


Smallville – Season 7

The show just keeps getting more and more interesting, Peter (Clark’s old best friend) came back to the show. Kara lost her memory and as usual Lex is digging in trying to get information on Clark. There is a climax that is going to reach with this show, I do enjoy the action and all the drama. I like all the girls on they keep things interesting, and I wonder when Lois is going to end up with Clark.


Fiday Night Lights – Season 2

The Coach is back and the team has another season ahead of them, they are seniors and so this is their last season. Smash is just as full of himself as he was before, Riggins is getting into trouble as usual, and the team has a few new additions. I really like the development of the show and there is a just a good feeling about this show, and it also helps that I love American Football.