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Complete Burnout


The last couple of weeks I have been coming back either 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm from work and it has been ongoing. Last night I got home by 9:15 pm and I don’t eat anything all day long. I can’t just stop for a snack because I get too hungry, and if I eat a full meal it slows me down so much that I want to fall asleep at work.

I was so exhausted today that I was falling asleep at the wheel, I new I had to get home and just some rest. I wanted to eat Dinner, or what was Lunch, as soon as I got through the doors. I didn’t feel like I got a chance to do anything, even when I was sitting in front of my desk I was dozing off and waking up after 10 to 20 minutes. I am going to need to recharge after some time, and at this time I’m reaching a limit, I just want to pass out but the problem there is a lot of work this week to finish. I keep missing phone calls and I’m barely able to keep up with all the work. A long hot shower does help unwind and some time off seems to be necessary.  I need to pass out as soon as possible, and I need to take a few days off work when I wrap up the last of my projects.