Chicken Again!


Back by popular demand! I had chicken muchboos for lunch and I did enjoy the mixed reactions regarding the fish, luckily I already had the chicken lined up. I had a meeting at 6:00 pm so I decided to leave work at 4:45pm to get enough time to eat, rest, and head back out. It was a quick meal but I felt good just seeing it, even though I went full to the meeting I felt comfortable. I even felt full later at night when I got home, didn’t need anything to eat later in the evening. Work is just taking up too much time these days but I’m happy that I’m eating something.






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL even the chicken shakliha ta3bana o minsad7a qalla 3omorha 3al 3aish hhehehehe hilarious pic

  2. Bader

    Bring Back the Laham, lol. Fel 3fya :)

  3. Loca in Kuwait


    No shake it up, do a different meal sometimes. You dont have to stop eating the chicken but change up. Maybe have a different cuisine each week, one week feature mexican, the next Italian, then so on. But you can always have machboos diyaa every 1st and 3rd sunday of the month or something like that.



    7araam 3alaik! o the last pic, am zooming into the rice o drooling.. aaaargh!

    no salad? aren’t u fed up min il spring rolls? the next post we want sumthin new! ;p pasta oor sumthin..

    bil 3afya =)

  6. Purgatory

    This is much better :)

  7. i’m with Ansam about the tired chick .. lol

    i don’t know who ur chicken machboos turns me on,, kleenex plz

  8. mustafa

    man ure machboos turns me on!!!!!
    im had machboos la7m today didnt look half as good as yours…. T_T

  9. Kim

    The chicken does look good, but I would have to see a juicey rare slab of steak to get turned on.

  10. still doesn’t beat machboos deyay el7saweya ;)

  11. akel baitkom mo sij shlooon shakla latheeth lol

  12. jewaira

    Some people will start licking their screens if you don’t stop the temptation :p

  13. God dammit Marzouq stop posting chicken muchboos posts; I’m dying here.

    Have some sympathy for us studying abroad.

  14. tekfa il-roll illi tsawoona, home-made willa tshteroona min barra o taglouna bil-bait?

  15. Ansam: hahaha Emfoosh7a! loool!

    Bader: hahaha Will do!

    Loca: I think I will stick to the Kuwaiti food for a while! hehehe!

    Cat: loooool! Can’t help it!

    Marrakech: alah e3afeeek, I will try something new for you guys for sure but I love my chicken!

    Purg: loool!

    vampire: loooool! hahaha! yal ta3baan!

    Yousef: hahaha!

    mustafa: hahaha! Its the Za3faraan!

    Kim: I will get to that for sure!

    Zabo0o6a: I think nothing cacn top this!

    Outkasty: hehehe! 7amdilla!

    jewaira: I can’t stop! Its just too good!

    angelo: I have to post to get people going!

    Laialy: In your tummy!

    Outkasty: Home-made :)

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