Real Snail Mail


I got a call telling me today that there is a package for from me from the mail. I had no clue what they were talking about, he asked me what to do with it and I said to keep it in the office so I could pick it up on the way back from my meetings. I had no clue what it was because I didn’t remember ordering anything at all.


I opened up this box right away to find the wedding invitations for my friend’s wedding which took place back in December. I took another look at the box and it turned out to be United States Parcel Service delivery (USPS), which is regular mail in the US. My friend sent the wedding invitations on December 20th 2007, and I didn’t get the box until March 17th 2008.


So this is the record, it takes about a total of 88 days to reach Kuwait through regular mail. If a person drove to the US and back it would have taken less time to do that in Lada. I honestly surprised it found its way to me, I told my friend I thought his wedding invitations were tacky and after all this time they found their way to me.

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  1. back in 1999 I applied to Uni’s in the States I was accepted in sept 99. I got the letter of acceptance that was sent via the postal service in May 2000. so not only it passed the deadline but it was 2 or 3 semasters late.. that beats your 3months

  2. WoW…. 88days….. !!!!! 9ej driving there would be faster… I mean didn’t that dude go around the world in 80days…? Maybe that was what the parcel was doing :)

  3. punky

    What a joke! They should privatise the mail service!

  4. I heard that The US post is always slow and many times routed through Australia on its way here + Christmas Pile up + Hala February

    OK I am just being silly :-P

  5. maybe it came from the LOST island, lame i know i tried…

  6. Loca in Kuwait


    Did it go thru the Kuwaiti postal service? Because I receive my mail here in Kuwait maximum of 10 days and it comes straight thru the U.S. Postal Service. But I did send my mom a post card from the Kuwait post office and it reached her in a month or so.

  7. Aliman

    Always loved your blog and how useful it has been and I found this topic to be drop on the money!!!
    I sent myself a box of things I had while moving from France back in September and I still recieved no word about it!! I called the french and they have no clue so I guess I have to call the kuwaiti side: any idea on which department to contact or who to call in this case!?!
    any help woould be so helpful as I so need that package!

  8. Kim

    Wow. 88 days is a long time. It would be fun to get people to mail you stuff from different parts of the US and see what arrives first.

  9. Holy Shit, I cannot imagine what the box have been through in those 88 days. Well, USPS sucks anyway, so no surprises here.

    that is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. FourMe: That does for sure!

    Hamitaf La B: seriously, went to Australia and back!

    punky: seriously!

    Ansam: hahaha!

    hammoodee: loool

    Loca: yup, Kuwait postal service.. everytime we use it gets lost or it takes months!

    Aliman: Sorry, wish I could help but I just recieved it and I completely forgot about it!

    Kim: Seriously, its like a race!

    Angelo: no, USPS is fantastic its our side that sucks!

    Laialy: Seriously insane!

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