Repo II


Now this is an interesting college project, and it had to be from Germany. This person decided that he wanted to let the outside world know of his music tastes. So he has come up with the the perfect solution, a back pack system which has two speakers and integrated amp where you can easily share your tunes with people. If they like your taste in music is just another subject.

Link: Joonas

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think my choice of music is quite embarrassing, so I would adapt his project anytime soon :P

    Regardless, it’s a cool and hip project.

  2. Oh my God.. please God don`t bring this innovation to Kuwait.. it will be a disasster and street war :/

  3. would = would not

    Sorry it’s kinda late over here :p

  4. Hamitaf La B: I think so!

    Q80 Saracen: yup!

    Rakaan: Very very nice! thanks!

    Angelo: haha! I wouldn’t care!

    feelingstak: I agree!

    Angelo: I knew that! lol

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