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Watani Online Interaction


The only reason I’m picking on NBK is because its supposed to represent the biggest and the best that is available in Kuwait when it comes to banking, so I hold them to a higher standard. Or I am very frustrated with this stubborn system that is difficult to use.

Their IT are made of people that can’t think of a simple solution and don’t seem to know how to get the job done right. Security isn’t the issue here, it can be maintained without making the life of the user miserable. They see the system as working and they don’t want to touch it so it won’t break if they make any improvements. It has been the same front end for the past few years, maybe small changes but nothing substantial.

One thing that drives me nuts is the security question, if you have the wrong password and they ask you the security question. The security question just “disappears”, really it does, nothing is there, but you can still answer. I knew that because I tried it but most people would be confused. Then there would the images on the front of the website that they need to get rid off, clean things up a bit.

The password recovery is just a disaster of a process, you do it the first time then it resets and you have to do it again and enter your Civil ID number and Account number. Who has that information on hand all the time? Not everyone does. Then there is the matter of a username, if all major international banks have usernames as login why can’t NBK? Again I have a problem with their website, they have put zero thought to the customer usage and how simple it is. You are talking about one of the biggest banks in the Middle East, they could at least improve on this. The best website I have ever used is from Bank of America.