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The Trip Prep


As usual I didn’t get anything done earlier in the week, at night around 11:00 pm to 2:00 am I was packing my clothes and getting things ready. The clothes were simple, it just took about 25 minutes and I was done and ready for my trip. The rest of the items such as credit cards, other sim chip, some paper work, loading up my external hard drive, and a multitude of different items is what took so long.


I wasn’t worried about sleep much, since I knew I could get some sleep on the 8:50 am flight. The flight seems to be relatively empty since the lounge is just filled with a few British People. The funny part is that during the early mornings I managed to clean out a lot of my room from all the open boxes, old magazines, and items that I don’t use. I was happy with the results of getting things organized in my room, but I still didn’t manage to finish packing my carry ons.

I woke up around 6:20 am, jumped in the shower and got a KDD Rocket before heading off to the airport. The best part is the roads were empty and I was enjoying the morning drive.