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Well things have gotten interesting in Kuwait over the past week. Its no news that our government is in shambles and nothing is getting done, but they went ahead and gave up. When the government heads are dissolved then so will the parilaiment, so we might be voting this summer. Thanks to K I managed to get into voter registration at the last minute. Its going to be an interesting year since now the voting areas are grouped into 5 so we are all jumbled up. I wonder what the female turnout will be this year since its going to be very different setting.

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  1. itha fey wa7id nafs fikir Dr. a7mad il-rob3i allah yer7ema, raa7 asawwit

  2. I’m over 21yrs old and i’m not regestered, and i won’t reg. bc i gave up hope long time ago.
    thank you!

  3. I didn’t vote last year cz I didn’t like anybody from our area. But that was a mistake I should’ve just went and got that vote paper and wrote something down to count up the female participation. That’s what I’m planning this time, inshallah I’ll go see who’s out there, 100%, IF I vote, it’ll be for someone new preferably a woman. If I didn’t like anyone, i’ll just scratch my name off the people who voted.

  4. ahh god damn studying abroad, I am not registered o 6afny el registration!

  5. Just arrived, missed registration. Leaving again, will miss it all – again!

  6. Just arrived, missed registration. Leaving tomorrow, will miss it all – again!

  7. Shaymaa:
    If it makes any difference .. I believe women are already registered.

  8. zahed

    Khubaizi is running this year vote for him.

  9. Make a difference this year and vote for change…

    We’re sick of the same old faces and the same old mentalities.

  10. Outkasty: alah yer7ama, but I don’t think akoo mithil hel rayaal!

    bo9agr: alah ekoon ib 3oon il ikwait!

    maryam: inshalla there will be new people! Something different for sure!

    eshda3wa: 7asafa!

    Shaymaa: Next time inshalla!

    K: they were last time!

    zahed: for president!

    jewaira: I want some fresh faces and something really different! I want people who have fresh ideas!

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