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Review: The Bucket List


Two men leading very different lives, one is a family man who has dedicated all his life supporting his family being a mechanic, and the other man is a self absorbed billionare involved in the making hospitals profitable. Carter (Morgan Freeman) is the family man who discovers he has Cancer and he goes into treatement, he ends up in the same room as Cole (Jack Nicholson) who does nothing but complain about things and makes people’s lives miserable.


Men who don’t have anything in common decide to do the things that they have never done based on this list, the bucket list. Its called the bucket list because its before the list they want to complete before kicking the bucket. Cole and Carter find the middle ground and get to know more about each other, learning more about themselves and about how to live life. A very touching movie with two my favorite actors, I couldn’t help but love the movie because of the story and the characters that they played perfectly.


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