My Kingdom for a Beanie


Since arriving in London the temperature has dropped and it has started snowing, I haven’t seen snow in over 4 years, I haven’t seen snow in London in over 18 years. This has had an adverse affect on my bald head, it was cold and my head was freshly shaved. I went to Harrods the first day to get something to eat, I was thinking I would probably find one there, we went to the basement to the ground floor and asked everybody, Harrods does not sell beanies, they sell hats, caps, top-hats, golfing hats, but not beanies which is strange.

I was walking around trying to take some pictures before meeting up with the family the next day. Then it started snowing as if I was in the middle of a blizzard, it felt like hard rain or something sticking to my head. I had a scarf which I wrapped around my head just to make sure my ears don’t freeze and fall off, I had my sunglass on so that I could walk without anything getting in my eyes. I was looking for a taxi but couldn’t find one, it took about 20 minutes to find a taxi to head home. After a day in a half I only managed to find a beanie at an unexpected place, it was an expensive beanie but it was worth every penny, it kept me warm throughout the rest of the night.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Join the club, beanie seems to be gettin harder and harder to find. Best to shop online.

    Ps. maybe you couldn’t find a cab because you had a scarf wrapped around your head and were wearing sunglasses…(sketchy)lol

  2. lfc-q8

    i got RL beanies from harrods ground floor in RL section

  3. mustafa

    :P what are you gonna do marzouq….

  4. you can find beanies in outdoor equipments shops, like blacks, trespass and the likes.
    Welcome to the UK, I am freezing my ass off in Edinburgh.

  5. pink

    i have friends there saying they r stuck in the hotel days cuz of the cold!!…inshala it will change b4 i go..god! just my luck cuz last year even in jan wasnt this cold

  6. q8y Swimmer

    welcome 2 london … the weather these couple of days just makes me want to order food and sleep, i think you i’ll be commenting with a new name : q8y who used 2 be a swimmer :P

  7. Berserk-KW

    i loved the topic of this post!
    it keeps ringing in my head now!
    “My Kingdom for a beanie!”

  8. Gahhh I’m sick of snow and don’t crazy if London’s snow was different and beautiful.

    To me, scarves are like the most essential things for facing snow and cold weather and beanie is the 2nd most important thing.

  9. Q80 Saracen: I managed to find out at the end of the day! That could be a reason! lol!

    Ansam: lol!

    lfc-q8: They didn’t have any checked in Harrods and Bonds Street!

    mustafa: Got one at the end of the day!

    Kodder: I wasn’t near any! Edinburgh is even colder! Good luck!

    Mclovin: I wish!

    eshd3wa: Bottega Venetta! lol!

    pink: This is just very different then Jan for sure!

    q8y Swimmer: hehehe very nice!

    Berserk KW: hehehe! I did pay an arm and a leg for one!

    Angelo: If you have a bald head, then a beanie is number 1! The snow was light but the wind was strong so there is a chill factor!

  10. fajer al h

    ENJOO0O0OO0Y kel dqeqa kel thanya w kel sa3a

  11. fajer: I wish I could have!! But it wasn’t enough! :)

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