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My Kingdom for a Beanie


Since arriving in London the temperature has dropped and it has started snowing, I haven’t seen snow in over 4 years, I haven’t seen snow in London in over 18 years. This has had an adverse affect on my bald head, it was cold and my head was freshly shaved. I went to Harrods the first day to get something to eat, I was thinking I would probably find one there, we went to the basement to the ground floor and asked everybody, Harrods does not sell beanies, they sell hats, caps, top-hats, golfing hats, but not beanies which is strange.

I was walking around trying to take some pictures before meeting up with the family the next day. Then it started snowing as if I was in the middle of a blizzard, it felt like hard rain or something sticking to my head. I had a scarf which I wrapped around my head just to make sure my ears don’t freeze and fall off, I had my sunglass on so that I could walk without anything getting in my eyes. I was looking for a taxi but couldn’t find one, it took about 20 minutes to find a taxi to head home. After a day in a half I only managed to find a beanie at an unexpected place, it was an expensive beanie but it was worth every penny, it kept me warm throughout the rest of the night.