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The BBQ!


This turned out to be a funny event, we got invited to our friend’s house for a BBQ on Thursday afternoon, and there was a good turn out. The plan was to have burgers, steaks, and some chicken, keep tings simple. We were out from early in the morning, some people had half day works and some were out with there family but almost everybody showed up.


I was running a little late for no reason really, I think it was because I wanted to arrive just as the food was coming off the grill, I was too hungry to wait. It was amazing weather, sunny with a cool breeze while we were seated outside the whole time. Then there was the hammock, it looked very comfortable and we all wanted to just pass out after a good meal, but I knew better then to go and sleep in the hammock. To fall asleep in the hammock makes you the target of everyone’s mischief and I was right. We started a movie just after the BBQ but I had to leave to finish some errands before my flight the next day.