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Review: Vantage Point


The President is in Salamanca Spain for a an important conference against terrorism, Barnes (Dennis Quaid) & Taylor (Matthew Fox) are on the President’s Secret Service Duty list. Things start going wrong very quickly when an attempt is made on the President’s life. Lewis (Forrest Whitaker) is standing the crowd with his camera when all this takes place, and he plays an important role to put the pieces together. This event is told from different perspectives of all the people involved and from all these different perspectives you can piece the whole event together. It does get a little repetitive but because of the quality of the actors they keep you enticed throughout the movie, you get more and more clues as to what is going on. The action is non-stop throughout the movie, towards the end you are curiousty is quenched when you have all the pieces in your hand. Its a very well made and thought out movie, the possibility for this movie to flop was high but the director and the team pulled it together perfectly, really worth seeing.


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