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Review: Step Up 2 The Streets


I enjoyed the original Step Up and I enjoyed the trailer of Step Up 2 The Streets. This time around its the little girl who grew but she lost her mom and she is being raised by her mom’s friend in the same neighborhood. Dancing in her crew is what she knows, but to stay in Baltimore she has to go to school and the MSA is her only chance in, so she goes to this prep school. Andy thought that she would just go to school to stay in Baltimore but she discovers something about herself and dancing. The story is good, the dancing is great, if you even remotely like RnB & Hip Hop music then you will love this movie. I don’t know how many times I just wanted to jump out of my seat while in the movie, its a great movie for those who love dancing and hip hop. They were dancing in ways I can only imagine, its nothing short of mesmorizing.



Link: IMDB