2C and Walking


I’m walking around London getting a few things done, meeting up some family and while all this is going on I can’t help but snap away. There were times I was just walking on my own to go to a few shop, and this weather is nothing short of insane. It says on the machine that its two degrees outside, but I honestly I’m loving walking around in this weather.


I went to Apollo Cinema to get some tickets for 27 Dresses since when you are in a group and you are the only guy there isn’t much choice. When we went it was not showing yet and it was a mistake on the website, so ultimately I got to go to Step Up 2 and it was a great movie. We went to a cafe after just to warm up, I wanetd a hot chocolate to keep me warm then I went to dinner with the family. It was a great day to walk around, I do like the cloudy weather and I didn’t mind the snow much, it was refreshing.















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Get me this maltesers bukcket :~(

    3alaikom bil 3afya!

  2. Aaah Picadilly, pick n mix, black cabs… London hasn’t changed… Pass by Lush if you can, since your with women they love stuff like that!

  3. ooooooh…. London in winter is breathtaking… enjoy the weather lana in Kuwait 5eeeeeeeeesa!!! And dude.. keep taking more pictures 3ashan e7na ehnee we eat our hearts out okay….?! ;P

  4. Loca in Kuwait


    WOW the pics make me feel chilly when I look at them, hehe I feel like I want to put a beenie on :0) I am glad you are having fun, I am glad you got to see your movie. I hope you can see 27 though, you will be happy you did I think. Keep the pics coming,I am living vicariously through you.

  5. Kim

    All the London pics are making me way jealous. I can almost hear the accents just reading your posts.

  6. Sin

    I was right there yesterday at around 1pm!!

  7. geo

    so how exactly is the weather? cold? humid? do you need a coat or will a sweater do just fine?

  8. Marrakech: alah e3afeek!

    Pocket Full Of Sunshine: looool! I will try to keep the women things to a minimum! lol

    Hamitaf La B: will do! looool!

    Loca: loool! I will keep posting the pictures! I tend to take a lot of pictures, more and more everyday!

    Kim: I think you should take a break and go over there! Its worth it! There are A LOT of americans there, I was surprised how many have been going!

    Sin: Really, at Apollo? Tuesday? I was close to there too, on German Street going to Waterstones!

    Geo: Cold, not humid, dry and you need a coat and a sweater when walking outside!

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