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UK’s Best Sweet Popcorn


I love going to them movies especially in London, there is something about the movies in London that is different then other places. The best part is going in when its cold outside, then when you enter its nice and warm. After finishing and enjoying the movie you go outside in search of taxi cab to head back home, sometimes its a 2 minute search and sometimes 20 minutes and you end up walking half way in the direction you need to go. The one thing that I look forward to when I go to the theaters in London is the sweet popcorn, I could have had lunch or dinner before the movie and I will still order a large bucket of sweet popcorn because I love the taste. All the cinemas have good tasting sweet popcorn but some are better then others, so I have ranked them. On another note I hate cheese and caramel popcorn, sweet popcorn in London is just different.

Popcorn Ranking:

  1. Odeon Cinemas
  2. Vue Cinemas
  3. Apollo Cinemas
  4. Empire Cinemas