UK’s Best Sweet Popcorn


I love going to them movies especially in London, there is something about the movies in London that is different then other places. The best part is going in when its cold outside, then when you enter its nice and warm. After finishing and enjoying the movie you go outside in search of taxi cab to head back home, sometimes its a 2 minute search and sometimes 20 minutes and you end up walking half way in the direction you need to go. The one thing that I look forward to when I go to the theaters in London is the sweet popcorn, I could have had lunch or dinner before the movie and I will still order a large bucket of sweet popcorn because I love the taste. All the cinemas have good tasting sweet popcorn but some are better then others, so I have ranked them. On another note I hate cheese and caramel popcorn, sweet popcorn in London is just different.

Popcorn Ranking:

  1. Odeon Cinemas
  2. Vue Cinemas
  3. Apollo Cinemas
  4. Empire Cinemas

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  1. You know what! I sometimes to ask them to mix both (sweet and salty) and be surprised with every bite! YUMMMM

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    What does it taste like? Is it all sweet or is it like Kettle corn salty and sweet?

  3. im a fan of sweet and salty ;p

    cineworld :D

  4. SALTY :)

    SWEET :(

    i never go for the sweet one.. i only hav my deit coke, my SALTY popcorn, and my maltesers BUCKET ;p naqza!

  5. Well I have never been there, I mean london but i have been to Japan And there theaters are amazing they have all what you need to enjoy the movie :)
    I would like to try the sweet popcorn ^^

  6. If you are a gin & tonic man ( which I suspect you are) I bet you will fancy the socks off the bar at the Curzon Soho or at the Curzon Mayfair! A couple of schnapps, apres the film and you are ready for more wine & fine dine at the Locanda Locatelli.
    I strongly recommend this to anyone who so much as happens
    to be flying over London. Wonder if the Locatelli might be interested
    in franchising opportunities in Kuwaiti food courts?! Don’t know about you but I’ve always had this mega crush for them cinephiles in London most especially the ones in Soho & Frith Street, never mind how lousy the film food or the film is there.

  7. Dude… have you tried going to the cinema in the states or in canada… HELLO!!
    And they have these powdered flavors for your buttered extra large popcorn from ketchup to sour cream and onion…. it is the best… nothing nothing nothing nothing beats the theatres there…..!!

  8. i’ve been to odeon but didn’t try the popcorn :(

  9. Ansam: Some people like it mixed but I prefer it totally sweet! :)

    Loca: nope its all sweet not like Kettle corn!

    Ananyah: lol!

    Marrakech: loooooooooool! Sorry I go for a regular coke and sweet popcorn! :D and I’m not getting anything else! lol

    G: Wow, Japan, now that would be an interesting try! Do they pla English movies or just Japanese movies! Are their subtitles?

    Soho Blues: I know some people that like Curzon Cinema, they play the Indie movies. I frequent the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair, it isn’t too bad but never tried te Locatelli, I will next time.

    Hamitaf La B: I have a lot, they have kettle corn, NO WAY close to the sweet popcorn in London! Its a HUGE difference! They have random flavors but NOT sweet! I’m telling you I prefer the theater food in London! lol

    Zabo0o6a: Its damn good popcorn!

  10. cheese and caramel popcorn as in both cheese & caramel are combine together with the popcorn?!

    OMG.. I can’t even picture that! :S… it definitely would taste horrible.

  11. jewaira

    It’s alright to eat popcorn when it is a loud action packed film.

    The worst thing is when there is alot of dialogue in the film and you’re trying to concentrate and the person next to you is chomping on popcorn and messing around in the box!!

    I would suggest eating before the movie started in that case :P

    Ah, I suddenly have an urge for some good strong tea

  12. Amjad: either one or the other, not mixed together.. that would be even worse! loool!

    jewaira: I tend to be one of those loud eaters that annoy you! I take the whole thing and pour it down my mouth! loool! I tend to finish it before the movie because I like it so much! Tea is good too! :)

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