At The Crosswalk


It was one of those early mornings where I felt going out for a walk and I wanted to get something to eat but I wasn’t sure what. There was light rain but it was on and off as I was walking, I was around Marylebone road and Baker Street so I walked to the WH Smith to check out the magazines they had and topped up my cell phone at the Vodaphone there.


After a little bit I got even hungrier and I headed towards my Chineses place which is around the corner from that intersection, it was only a 5 minute walk from where I was. That day wasn’t too bad, it was cold but there wasn’t any wind so it wasn’t too bad. The best part was walking with the camera in hand and snapping away.
















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7aneen

    Marzoug, What kind of cam do u use ?

  2. Delta

    I miss London :/

  3. jewaira

    Brought back memories… :)

    Did you wish for your bike there?

  4. SohoMania

    You are probably using your Sony DSC-M2 :) “ït is about the photographer not the Cam”.
    Nice Shots Man!

  5. the pics make me feel relaxed … must of been nice to be there :)

  6. M

    Home sweeeeeeeet home :)
    i miss that place n those days.. life’s sweet, more memories to be made inshalla :)

  7. 7aneen: Canon Rebel XT, I have had it for four years, great camera!

    Detla: Same here!

    Q80-ChillGirl: I love going there at odd times!

    jewaira: I did very much! I rode a bike in London back in 2005, it was fun!

    SohoMania: No, I’m using my Canon Rebel XT! My skills are really nothing, I’m a complete amatuer!

    Laialy: Very nice, I loved walking there!

    M: Same here, they very cherished days and hopefully more to come. I have my strawberry frapacinno and I head for a couch in the basement :)

  8. its the best time to be there “odd times as you say” just amazing to see the city normal :D

    but i fell in love with Nottingham, more of a town girl than a city one.

  9. Q80-ChillGirl: That is the best part, just walking around London when it seems completely normal. Im more of a city guy, taxis, underground, tight roads is always fun in London and so many restaurants to choose from.

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