Getting my sleep back on schedule isn’t that much of a problem. I tend to figure out how to get my sleeping pattern organized after a day or two. I went back into work on Thursday expecting a few bombs to land on my desk, but it turned out to be a little more then a few bombs. That is the one thing these days that are driving me nuts, a ton of problems to deal with and not getting any of them clearly solved. It is just a step by step process, but still when I went in Thursday I spent most of the day checking my emails and going through all the little things to make sure that I have covered everything or else I would have spent all Sunday doing that.

I did expect a few things to get done which they did, but still there was a lot to sort out. It was more of a day to do damage control rather then getting completely back to work. I wonder what would happen if I took an extended vacation. I have a lot of vacation time piled up and if I take a long time off I bet a lot of things would falter. What I’m trying to do over the next few months is to stream line the process of things, so that things won’t stop at my plate to move forward. This is going to take some time and work, but I’m going to need some solid time off at one point or another, just to clear my head completely of everything.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. go for a ride, you can clear up your mind at anytime you wish =/

  2. baghee

    is about sharing responsabilities and not taking them alone; pass the ball to the other half, of course doing first your part ! then is not longer your responsability !

  3. Laialy: Thanks!

    pocket full of sunshine: I want to take a long break.. at least three weeks of nothing!

    Outkasty: I know that would help to clear things up, but still need a break! :)

    baghee: I know there is things to pass things along but still sometimes I have to carry things to make sure its done!

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