Saleen S55 Raptor


  • 650 BHP
  • 0 – 60 in 3.2 seconds
  • Top Speed over 200 mph
  • 6 Speed Manual or F1 Pads


There is nothing more a man could ask for from such a machine. I would take this over a Lamborghini or Ferari any day. Its about Saleen, I don’t like Fords but I love Saleens so it is a bit of a conflicting feeling, but this machine doesn’t look like a Ford at all.

Price : $185’000

Link: UnCrate



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  1. Very nice, but somehow it feels as if the front half is a Ferarri while the rear half is a Lambo.

  2. momo


    ferrari front, lambo back, r8 profile!!

  3. Looks exactly like a gallardo on the side
    not bad front, reminds me of lotus
    ugly rear
    i’d rather get an f430 anyday, anytime

  4. Marrakech: That is for sure!

    sabah: Its a different combination!

    K: I like that combo!

    momo: it seems it has a mix!

    mraziz: I think the rear needs an improvement but I like the rest ALOT!

  5. pyno

    cool…. so hot baby

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