Review: diNovo Edge


I have been using this keyboard for a little over four months now, and I think this is probably the most necessary computer accessory.



  • Very Solid Build, Stylish
  • Bluetooth chip is small and can communicate from 10 meters away, which is perfect for a media center
  • I charge it only once in the past three months so it does last over a month and half for one charge
  • It is extremely thin, but it feels good in your hands, lap, and desk
  • Very good track pad and you won’t be touching it when you type like other track pads
  • Scrolling is very intuitive, you just have to go in circles on the track pad, very simple and useful
  • Good placed buttons:
    • Zoom
    • Volume Control
    • Media Key
    • Big Delete Key (Very useful)
  • It feels good to type on it
  • Almost nothing is sacrificed between this and a regualr keyboard, instead you get a lot more then you expect


  • No Number Pad (Don’t care for it)

This is nothing short of the perfect keyboard, it has all that I need and it is one of the highest quality keyboards I have used and one of the best that Logitech have made, it is worth every penny.

Price: $164





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hey, thats looks gorgeous! I wonder how it is compared to the iMac’s new thin keyboard? I have been using it and I love it, so i need something similar for my Windows!

  2. I tried wireless keyboards and mice before and I think the only useful feature is saving clutter at the cost of having to charge/replace batteries.

  3. I was checking it out today it costs 60KD at Jarir.. I wanted to get one but thought to check online first better.

  4. Shaymaa: This is thee perfect one for you for Windows! High quality, sleek, and very functional!

    3baid: This is a high quality keyboard that has a lot of nice features, and the battery lasts 1.5 months, lithium battery, no need to replace!

    Jacqui: Online is cheaper, but its worth getting for 60 KD! You will love it for windows!

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