A Black Cab Ride


Getting to one place to another in London is the easiest thing possible, you have a choice of bus, cab, underground, or bicycle. Out of them I love black cabs the most, it symbolizes London in just one car. There are so many black cabs from the new ones to the old ones and I feel comfortable in any of them.


I had a long cab ride since I was heading towards an area across the bridge. There was a lot of traffic but the best thing about the cab ride is them figuring their way around the traffic. I was in London a while back and I new the best routes to some areas and 90% of all cab drivers take the legit way, the other 10% take a little longer so they get their extra money, but most of the cab drivers are honest opposite to contrary thought.


The new cabs have more comfortable seats and I can’t remember how many times I have fallen asleep in cabs when driving to or from the airport. I never put my foot up on the chair in front of me, that is one way to get the cab driver angry, they take care of their cabs so they take that as insult to them, the best part is that these cabs are clean. It is true that these cab rides are expensive and you can take a bus or the underground to any location, there is just something different about a black cab ride.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It simply ain’t London meri jaan without the black cabs( in an assortment of colours these days) and the men
    and women driving them.
    However hard the RTA in Abu Dhabi might try to steal
    the thunder of the London black cabs they won’t get it
    right not without sourcing their black cab drivers from London.

  2. i love the black cab. it fits a lot of people, and you can chat with ur friends the whole ride. its also comfy and clean. I think thats because the type of people who ride these cabs are of a certain demographic – its expensive, so not everyone opts for it.

    I like to read in it as well. Its full of windows, and airy and full of light. It always helps to have a book on hand because of the traffic.

  3. when phillip got brenda preggers: I don’t think they will get it right compared to London, its just different!

    This Lady: Exactly, so many people can fit in comfortably, and then you can just read all that you want when sitting comfortably in the back!

    Zabo0o6a: Thank you! lol :)

  4. jewaira

    So do you own a little model of a black cab?

    That one you rode in looks pretty new; I’ve taken rides in some really old shabby black cabs myself :p

  5. Laialy: Thank you!

    jewaira: I was looking for one, didn’t find a big one that I want! I do like all of them, its just the novelty of riding them! :)

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