More Space


I don’t think there will ever be a point when there is enough space for everything I’m downloading. Every few weeks I keep expanding, I have filled up my Infrant Ready NAS and my Main Computer to the brim. So I was slowing down the downloads, every time I download I have to move something around. So I checked with Professional they only had 750 GB drives and not 1 TB drives.


I found that I had a 250 GB hard disk laying around which I mounted right away, and I picked up a Seagate 750 GB 16 MB cache hard drive from Professional for 57KD. I shifted a lot of things right away to the new 250 GB drive (Side Drive), while waiting for the new 750 GB drive to finish formatting. This helped a lot, now I’m back on track downloading more shows, more movies, and more anime.

At the rate I’m downloading I have to purchase a couple of hard drives every few weeks, I have to find a long term solution which might be a very large rack mount media server.

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  1. Man that’s insane! It’s becoming unhealthy. Why on earth you need to have all that media. Is it to show off ya3ni ? if you are downloading and keeping on downloading. delete the old stuff as I am sure you will not find time to watch them again.

    Or you should open your own satellite channel on nilesat and stream all the content you have all day long. What do you think ? :P

  2. I like mishref’s streaming idea lol! But yeah, cant have enough space, I’m planning for my second NAS now.. this is goonna be sweeeet!

  3. lfc-q8

    Z i say u must share ur downloaded stuff with us :D HD content plz

  4. mishref: Show off to who? lol, not really. I’m downloading all the old movies I wanted to keep, and all the movies I want to watch later, then there is all the anime. I honestly don’t want to delete anything. I’m building a media database but I have to manage the data better. I have worked hard for my content, won’t be streaming anytime soon.

    N: That is going to be nice, what re you planning?

    lfc-q8: I will be doing that for sure? What do you want?

  5. lfc-q8

    hd movies plz :) thanks

  6. lfc-q8: We can work on that.. there are a lot of movies that I’m piling up!

  7. lfc-q8

    heheeh i only have 1 that is transformers so anything else will be good. just finished my new setup at home with new pc with the gigbyte dq6 mobo with a qx9650 proccessor and a 3870 hooked up to a denon 3808 that feeds my 50″ kuro so alot of tests are going on here so far i cant get audio via hdmi so i did the 7.1 analog cables

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