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More Space


I don’t think there will ever be a point when there is enough space for everything I’m downloading. Every few weeks I keep expanding, I have filled up my Infrant Ready NAS and my Main Computer to the brim. So I was slowing down the downloads, every time I download I have to move something around. So I checked with Professional they only had 750 GB drives and not 1 TB drives.


I found that I had a 250 GB hard disk laying around which I mounted right away, and I picked up a Seagate 750 GB 16 MB cache hard drive from Professional for 57KD. I shifted a lot of things right away to the new 250 GB drive (Side Drive), while waiting for the new 750 GB drive to finish formatting. This helped a lot, now I’m back on track downloading more shows, more movies, and more anime.

At the rate I’m downloading I have to purchase a couple of hard drives every few weeks, I have to find a long term solution which might be a very large rack mount media server.