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Canon EF – Wide-angle zoom lens – 17 mm – 40 mm – f/4.0 L USM


I have been looking for a wide angle lens for my Rebel XT for a while now. I have my Tamron 11 – 18 mm Wide Angle lens but it only works for certain shots and it is not good with a certain amount of daily, I wanted something else that would get the right amount of light for the shots I’m taking. I have had the Tamron for about 2 years now, I bought it used but in very good condition, so after looking around for a while I chose the Canon 17 – 40 mm Wide Angle Lens. It has very good reviews and very reasonable price compared to the newer version released by Canon which is a decent amount more expensive.


Initial Thoughts:

  • Great shots in the 17 – 28 mm range, after that there is a bit of blur but still excellent pictures
  • Fantastic during day light
  • A bit slot since its f/4 but very quiet focusing mechanism
  • It is a high quality lens for a good price compared to others in its range, and I do like Canon Lenses


This isn’t a thorough review but I am getting a lot of good pictures initially from this Lens, indoors and outdoors. So overall I am very happy adding this lens to the list that I have. I will be making a full post of the equipment that I am currently using to take pictures with.

Link: Amazon