Crumpler Pretty Boy Maxi L (3000)


I have been looking for a decent camera bag for a while now, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted. I knew I wanted something that could carry at least the camera and one lens. There are a lot of bags to choose from and I kept hearing about the Crumpler bags. I checked one store that had the Cumpler bag in London and I really liked the big, it fit a big lens and my camera snuggly so that it won’t be moving around.


I could carry it on my shoulder or around my neck easily all day long, I had a spare battery and a couple of filters with me. Overall I think its a great bag for $60 and they had other bags which were really nice.

Link: Crumpler



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  1. Ahmad

    I’ve been using a Crumpler bag for some time now. I have the 6 million dollar bag (US name) and I used to carry it everyday during my previous vacation.

    It’s an excellent bag!

  2. Laialy: Thank you!

    Ahmad: Exactly, its just so easy to carry and take around with you!

  3. Russ

    Hi, what camera do you carry in the bag? I checked one out the other day (at the super-expensive Crumpler store in Tel Aviv) and I think I can get my D300 in without a problem though Id like to be able to carry an extra lens or flash as well (in comfort).

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