It seems that this machine is causing waves right now since it has been the most anticipated machine for the past year. It has been in development for four years now, KTM has managed to perfect every part of it. An extremely light machine producing 155 bhp with all the newest technology integrated into it. It has a lot of development put into it, and KTM have been the most successful in motorcross machines so they have taken their understanding and applied it to road machines, if the SuperDuke is any indication this this is going to be one hell of a machine. I would love to try this machine on the open roads, what a beautiful work of art.


KTM Rules: “Everything is Permitted Except Losing”

This youtube video could have given a glimpse of what this machine is capable of in the right hands.

Link: Youtube


Link: KTM-RC8.Net




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  1. Out of alllll the motorcycle pics you’ve ever posted I had to comment on this one.. It’s by far the nicest! the second, fourth and last pic are really nice!

  2. Pocket Full Of Sunshine: It is just something that is very different! I wish I could take shots like this, I would love to get this quality and sharpness as well as blur! :)

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