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Review: Army of Two


This turned out to be an interesting game, it was delayed until recently for the launch. I expected the usual First Person Shooter but it turned out to be a little different. This is more of a Co-op game that is more enjoyable with someone that knows how to play first person shooter games and is good at cooperative play. This is a little different then most games since you are trying to make money on all the missions to upgrade weapons, armor, and clothing in different ways. You get to switch weapons with your partner in mid fight, and you can change the assortment of weapons so that you can really cover yourself in battle. Then there is the rage meter, if you both buildup rage from being shot at then you can slow down time for about 13 seconds and you can kill as many guys as you can.


It is a fun game with a little different style to the gaming, but it takes some getting used to. I do enjoy the sniper rifles they have, and there are some crazy sniper rifles that you can only use by winning a lot of contracts and getting the money to purchase them. Overall there are other first person shooter games which are better then this but it is an entertaining game and very well made.

Link: IGN