Waterstones Piccadilly


One of the best bookstores built so much to choose from that you get lost inside. This is one of my favorite bookstores in London, I can spend days there walking around picking up a different book every minute and I still won’t finish. The reviews section is the first thing I go to looking at the cards under each book and picking up these books, I have recently found the satire section which is funny in a witty way so I enjoy that.


Surprisingly for a bookstore of this type they don’t have that much magazines, they have a certain amount of a magazines and that is all what you get. After roaming the ground floor for an hour or so, I automatically head for the Science Fiction section to check out the new books they have. For some reason the Science Fiction section they have is always updated with new writers, and books so you are kept on your toes, you always find that one book you didn’t expect to find.


I tried resisting my urge to buy a ton of books or any books, but I couldn’t resist getting a few books as I mentioned before. I was carrying a lot of books before getting to the check I decided to slim them down to essentials. The only books I picked up were a little different then my usual selection except for the science fiction book. People didn’t even notice me snapping away with the camera, they were all lost in the books they were reading and even a few people moved out of my way so that I could take a few nice pictures. Even the staff were very helpful when I was asking about a few books, you can see how they enthusiastic they are about their books.

















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  1. Loca in Kuwait

    Now you have me drooling again! I love bookshops I could spend hours in them just reading all types of books and mags. When I was growing up my mom would drop us at the library we would pack lunches and just go sit for hours looking at books and magazines. Till this day my fave past time is to sit in library’s or bookshops and read all day.

  2. :D

    me likey, added it to the “to be visited” list :D

    i wonder why you uploaded two pictures of the same stand and taked form the same position [13-14], the only difference is a slight zoom?

  3. Oh I could just live in a bookstore and i love the ones in London..

  4. jewaira

    Nice photos Marzouq :)

  5. Mmmm those pics are actually orgasmic. It looks better than Borders IMO.

  6. Loca: I can agree with you 100%, I could spend days there just reading and sifting through books and magazines, and then more books. I just love that place!

    Laialy: Much much nicer then borders!

    Q80-ChillGirl: It is a really nice place to go to! It is just a difference of zoom, I post up all the pictures!

    Hamitaf La B: yes for sure!

    ShoSho: London Bookstores are the best!

    jewaira: Thank you!

    Angelo: Thank you, thought they were pretty good! The lighting helped a lot!

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